Deluxe Fantasy Door Sex Swing

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Deluxe Fantasy Door Sex Swing
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Deluxe Fantasy Door Sex Swing  
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Deluxe Fantasy Door Sex Swing

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Finally – a sex swing that’s portable, discreet & easy to set up!

The versatile and easy to handle door swing opens up a whole new world of sexual opportunities for you and your lover!

• Try new & challenging sex positions with ease
• Includes padded seat for your comfort
• Stirrups and love handles let you change angles and positions quickly
• Portable and easy to hide swing allows for discreet use
• Perfect alternative to a full-fledged sex swing
• Set up’s quick and simple – just throw the supports over a door and close it
• Portable sex swing made from metal, nylon and acrylic
• Designed to hold up to 300 pounds

Thanks to the door swing you’ll be able to try and enjoy challenging positions that used to be completely beyond your abilities. The door swing provides all the support and flexibility you need, so you don’t have to spend years practicing yoga! The door swing features a padded cradle for comfortable seating as well as adjustable stirrups to change positions and angles for additional pleasures. There are also two love handles that your partner can use while trying some of the more vigorous and athletic positions. The door sex swing is incredibly portable and easy to hide. You can stow it away in your luggage for fun on the road or just hide it in your room to keep the kids or nosy neighbors from finding it. You can set the swing up and take it down in mere seconds so you never have to worry about getting caught with it either! This makes the door swing the perfect alternative to your more traditional sex swings.

It’s amazingly simple and quick to set up the deluxe door swing. Pick a door with plenty of space to the sides and position the swing nearer to the hinges so the door knob doesn’t poke your lover in the back. Next, take the two metal bars and throw them over the top of a convenient door. And then simply close the door. The heavy-duty metal bars lock in place between the closed door and the frame for a safe and secure fit. Give the straps a slight tug to make sure everything’s in place, and you’re ready for a night of wild sex!

The door sex swing is made from metal clips and fasteners, nylon straps, and acrylic. The swing can safely support up to 300 pounds with the door securely closed. recommends the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Swing for busy couples who don’t have the time or effort to hide a full-fledged sex swing or for couples who want to experiment with a more affordable alternative before investing in an actual sex swing.

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Nylon, Metal, Acrylic




Waterproof, Flexible, Adjustable


Fetish Fantasy Series

Customer Reviews - Deluxe Fantasy Door Sex Swing


CJReview on September 22, 2013

When I got this swing I was expecting a difficult setup, but it sets up very easily right out of the box. All you have to do is put the straps over the door and close the door. With this swing it makes it so easy to have sex right up against the wall. It adds a whole new dimension to the bedroom. Setup and storage are very easy. Everyone needs one of these!
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