Fetish Spinning Fantasy Swing

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Fetish Spinning Fantasy Swing
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Fetish Spinning Fantasy Swing  
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Fetish Spinning Fantasy Swing

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>The Fun Sex Swing For Couples

All those fun positions you've always fantasized about? Now you and your partner can achieve them comfortably with the Spinning Fantasy Swing! Swing. Bounce or even rotate and have great orgasms with this easy to use sex toy.

• Quick and Easy to Install
• Fully Adjustable, Extra Wide Nylon Straps
• Safe and Comfortable
• Soft Padded Stirrups
• Enjoy hundreds of positions

Enjoy hundreds of gravity-defying sex positions, including more exciting oral and anal sex, with the Spinning Fantasy Swing. It rotates 360 degrees to let you swing, spin, hang upside down and even bounce, without strain on either partner. It's fully adjustable, with leg supports lined in plush leopard-print fur to support your back, hips and legs in total comfort and freedom. Here's your chance to try out all those Kama Sutra positions you've always wanted! And your partner looks hotly erotic in those sexy straps.

The Spinning Fantasy Swing is sturdy too. You can change positions securely and with confidence. And taking this sex swing down is simple. When you're finished playing, just detach the swing and store it away discreetly out of sight.

Set Includes:

• 1 Heavy Duty Steel Eyelet Bolt
• 1 Heavy Duty Link Chain
• 1 Torsion Spring
• 1 Metal Support Bar
• 2 Large Padded Supports for Butt and Back
• 2 Small Padded Stirrups for Legs
• 2 EZ-Open Connecting Hooks
• 1 Swivel Clip
• Instruction Sheet

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women, men, Unisex




Flexible, Padded, Quick Release

Customer Reviews - Fetish Spinning Fantasy Swing


Anonymous on December 11, 2015

This seemed like a great purchase but when you are short, like me, it didn't work. After lowering it as low as I could, I still needed a stepping stool to use it.
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