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Go Longer and Deeper While You Try New Positions.

Get more endurance in bed, penetrate more deeply, and master the positions you've always wanted to try – with no aching muscles! The Penetration Station's handy straps attach easily to your bed to give you a more secure grip and better leverage so you can go all night long in comfort.

• Increases thrust and leverage
• Minimizes muscle fatigue
• Enhances experimental positions
• Allows deeper penetration and hands-free fun
• Easily sets up in seconds on any size bed
• FREE instructional DVD

Now it's easy to master the positions you've always wanted to try – while at the same time thrusting deeper for a longer time. The Penetration Station is designed to provide leverage and stability for your body during sex, so that you can stay more comfortable and get more support to try positions like doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and the other fun positions you've seen in adult videos.

Not complicated sex furniture -- instead it's an easy-to-use set of 5 simple leverage straps and 4 comfortable neoprene attachments that work as hand grips, foot stirrups and thigh straps to give you support where you need it during sex. It sets up in seconds on any bed: simply run the 12' center strap under the mattress, then attach the four 7' leverage straps to the center strap. Add the grip attachments and you're ready to experience orgasms like never before.

You'll find that muscle fatigue is a thing of the past, as the Penetration Station's attachments support your weight as you thrust and give you a new, exciting stability. Ladies, use the thigh grips to lift your thighs higher, with less muscle stress, so that he can go deeper. Use the hand grips to steady you while you ride on top. Men, hold the lower straps to support your weight as you thrust. Keep her legs in the air and his hands free during oral sex. You can go for much longer without getting tired, for more and better orgasms!

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Brand: Sportsheets
Colors: Black

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on 3/15/2010 12:00:00 AM
Endless Positions
We were able to get into a variety of different positions we normally wouldn't with a little help from the Penetration Station. My husband and I were a little intimidated by the abundance of straps you pull out of the package. Luckily, Sportsheets includes a great little demo DVD that shows how to set up the Penetration Station and the different ways to position the straps for maximum use. We were able to use the straps for great thrusting and control in the doggie style position. Cunnilingus is amazing with the use of the straps by putting her legs into them and you don't have to worry about leg fatigue. You can adjust the stirrups and straps to just about any length so the possibilities are endless.
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on 5/29/2009 12:54:55 PM
Works but bothersome
We got the Penetration Station and watched the set up DVD. My husband and I tried all the positions and even though I thought the bondage aspect of it was hot and sexy, we didn't really feel that our penetration differed much from normal. I found the strap going across the mattress was very uncomfortable while sleeping at night and it was very cumbersome to work around the strap while changing sheets. With our kids coming in our room every so often and playing on the bed, it was just one of the toys that we figured was better left unused and back out of sight. If we didn't have small children, it may have had a chance of being left on longer.
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on 5/19/2009 6:15:25 PM
Let the Good Times Roll
Once out of the package, this item seemed a bit intimidating with five different straps. Long straps. Laying there in a big pile like spaghetti. So, we quickly looked for some instructions. The DVD that was supplied did not give any instructions on exactly which strap went where. While Nurse Naughty “surfed the net” for instructions, I began to lay out the straps and in just a minute or so I had the pile of spaghetti figured out. There are four long straps that are equal in length and one short strap. We took the short strap and placed it around our mattress support (box springs if you have them) and then laid out the four long straps like the capital letter “H”. The straps can be laid out in two “V” shapes from the strap that anchors the system to the bed support; however, we found that the “H” configuration works best for us. Once connected we began to experiment with the different positions that we saw in the DVD and maybe some of our own. Without a doubt our favorite configuration with the “Penetration Station” is a modified missionary position. The straps from the head of the bed holds the ladies legs as high or low as she and he desires while the gentleman puts his arms through the straps from the foot of the bed. The gentleman can then lean forward and his weight is supported by the straps. He can pull the straps up close to his shoulders, raise his arms and lock his fingers behind his head (Nurse Naughty thinks I look HOT like this). She is fully supported by the straps and he is fully supported by the straps. Now, all that is required is: “Let the good times roll”! This is a wonderful sex aid for healthy folks and this may be a great aid for those folks who may have some disabilities. It is well worth what we paid for it. It stays attached to our bed and the long straps just lay on the floor under the bed frame. Our evaluation of this item requires only a single word: AWESOME! ! !
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on 5/11/2009 11:19:05 PM
Strap Tease act
Our initial reaction was "This looks complicated", We pulled all the straps out of the box but the designers of the Penetration Station proved us wrong. We have a king size bed, and in a matter of a few minutes, we were ready to go. The Penetration Station comes with a vendor CD, which gives you some ideas on positions/technique, but also showcases other products by this manufacturer. Material was sturdy and the cuffs were comfortable and it tucks away without a trace when not in use. True to form, it supported my legs really well (used on my feet rather than my thigh). This benefit was really worth it during oral sex as it allowed him to really spread me open and to take his time. We tried it with the Woman on top position and it helps me keep balanced as I thrust up and down on his shaft. He liked using it in the doggie style position. Overall, its a really good product which I would recommend to couples.
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on 3/12/2009 5:40:22 PM
Buzz Member Highlight
The Penetration Station is a wonderful device to have. The thrills you can get are intense and you can use it in so many different ways if you just play with it for a while. The setup is super easy. Just slide the long rope under the middle of your mattress, put the leg restraints under the foot of your mattress, and the arm restraints under the head of your mattress. Then bingo, your ready to rumble. The product itself never gets in your way, so when your not using it, just tuck the arm and leg restraints under your mattress for easy access the next time your ready to use it. The positions are endless. You can use it in missionary, doggy, on your side, my husband and I even rotated the whole station so we could stand up on the side of the bed with it, and it was wonderful! I recommend this to everyone who like to spice thing up.**Submitted by Mr. & Mrs. Naughty Time**BUZZ TEAM
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on 12/30/2008 2:56:23 PM
A must have on every bed!
When this arrived, my husband was much more excited about it than I was. I didn’t see how it would benefit us by using it. Instantly after my legs were strapped in, it had proven me wrong! I am so used to having my legs in the air during sex and my husband pressing so forcefully on my thighs that it starts to hurt as his fingers dig into my skin. I have to admit that is not such a good time for me. This little toy eliminated all of that!! His hands were free to place elsewhere on my body and he enjoyed that. My legs were free from pain and I certainly did enjoy that. This toy was also very useful while he was eating me out. I love to have my legs up while he is down there but then either my legs get tired or someone’s hands are tied up while holding them. This left my legs in the air and our hands free to do other things. Another perk of this toy is that it can stay on the bed and be hidden so that you don’t have to constantly take the time to put it on and then remove it afterwards. Trust me; this will be staying on our bed! We definitely consider this a must have in every bedroom. Also, don’t get too overwhelmed when you open the box and see all the straps. Just take your time and you will figure it out. The picture shows the strap over the sheets, perhaps for demonstration purposes, but it should go under the sheet and hopefully you won’t feel it. We have a mattress pad and sheets, and if you have the same I would recommend placing the strap under both so you won’t be able to feel it. Try to keep up with the Joneses and grab one of these! ~The Joneses.
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on 12/18/2008 9:16:06 PM
All i can say is Don't Wake The People Next Door
My husband and I need a new bed post because we broke it using this thing but absolutely worth it. It was so cool to be able to keep my legs up in the air and not have to hold them up, and for my husband to have complete control of me in some positions. I know I woke up the neighbors just about three times using this thing. The penetration is so deep with the straps and I just could not keep the pleasure in. The straps are very versatile because we were doing positions we made up and we love it just as much as the positions on the DVD that comes with the straps. I really like this product, it is a strong product and I would suggest that anyone using this thing to make sure the bed is sturdy because I bet that the bed will break before the straps do so make sure the bed posts can handle it. Also it is a great energizer because it I know my husband has back problems and he likes it because it does not hurt his back as much as just as regular sex without the straps, great product.
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on 12/15/2008 10:52:25 AM
Nice and Deep
The Penetration Station was a lot of work to get set up on our King Sized bed-once in place you can leave the main straps and remove the handles and keep it on the bed. We tried it in the missionary position and it worked great for us. Some of the other position the box showed would have been a little hard on the older knees. I felt amazing penetration using the handles to pull Clearance in deeper. I would have loved this when I was younger and given it 5 stars. My hands started to hurt after about 10 minutes-mild arthritis I would highly recommend it to anyone without arthritis or knee problems. I was surprised The Penetration Station stayed in place. When I was looking at it on the bed, I expected it to move around a lot but, it stayed securely in place without any movement which made it work very well. Definitely fun to put it together and anticipate what’s to follow. Clearance and I are very different in height-Clearance is 6’ 1” and I’m 5’2” one size does fit all!
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on 12/7/2008 7:04:55 PM
helps maintain stamina
At first I was not sure that it would fit around our king size bed, but it did with ease. The straps are nice and long and are easy to adjust. The grips are nice and soft. They also adjust to fit around any size thigh. There was a DVD with it, that we thought would have set-up and position ideas, but was just a promotional video. We like using the penetration station in missionary to help hold my legs up and in doggie style which really helps my husband with control and keeping his back from tiring out. The straps are really long so may need a lot of adjustment when switching positions. Over all I would recommend this product. You just have to play around with it and see which positions you can do that you couldn’t before and which positions it really helps maintain stamina.
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on 12/2/2008 10:46:24 AM
Add some fun to the bedroom
Although this product can look very intimidating at first for a couple reasons. How to install this? Do I really want to be strapped in like that? Those fears were quickly erased by watching the video that shows how easy it is to install as well as some positions to try. We found we liked this product best with girl on top by giving her the ability to control the thrusts. It was also great for doggie style and for getting started with a little oral on her. The straps are comfortable and the nylon webbing is very strong and well made. Overall we liked this product because it assisted in our love making sessions by causing less fatigue and by opening up new position possibilities as well as discovering ways to enjoy the positions we love
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