Naked Bed Sensual Sheet (King)

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Naked Bed Sensual Sheet (King)
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Naked Bed Sensual Sheet (King)  
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Protect your sheets while indulging in an intimate experience. This silky soft sheet easily lays directly over your sheets and is secured with simple anchor bands. Uniquely designed with a special waterproof membrane, the exceptionally luxurious sheet protects your bedding from oils, lubricants and stains. Breathable stretch knit, machine washable, durable and easy to use, Naked Bed protects your sheets so you can indulge without the worry of ruining your linens.

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Mattress Safe

Customer Reviews - Naked Bed Sensual Sheet (King)

Get Naked for a sensual massage....   

Ms Diva on September 8, 2012

I am impressed with the Naked Bed A Sensual Sheet. We tried it out on our bed (Queen size) over our fitted sheet while indulging in a sensual massage. We had absolutely no leak through of excess massage oil penetrating the Naked Bed Sensual Sheet. The material is silky and smooth on the touch but is not satin like. The elastic straps fit firmly and snuggly on our deep mattress without slippage. The protect bearer on the underside of the Naked Bed sheet showed little to no signs of moisture or liquid seeping through. Fluids beaded up on the Naked Bed Sheet and were easily cleaned up. Our bed linen was protected. Light weight and good for travel. I washed our Naked Bed Sensual Sheet as directed in hot water with my regular detergent and dried it on the low setting of the dryer. We liked this Naked Bed Sensual Sheet and would recommend it to others. Nice product for protecting sheets and mattress. Five out of Five hearts !Ms Diva
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