Female Fantasies

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Female Fantasies
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Female Fantasies  
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Female Fantasies

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Erotic Fantasies from a Woman's Point of View

Candida Royalle, the author of How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do and star of 25 adult film classics, has unleashed a very unruly and naughty Female Fantasies DVD, directed by Petra Joy. It's filled with luscious group scenes where women are pleasured by several skilled lovers at once, women discovering the joys of lesbian sex, a hot scene where a woman comes across three men and takes charge of the action, and of course, women who love studly metro-sexual men! 53 minutes + 33 minutes of extras.

•    Female Fantasies DVD
•    10 sexual fantasies from a female perspective for the adult connoisseur
•    No porn stars, just real-life lovers
•    Directed by English award-winning "art-core" director Petra Joy
•    Winner of Feminist Porn Award - Toronto
•    Finalist for Venus Award and Scarlet Award

Award winning director Petra Joy continues her exploration of women's erotica with Female Fantasies, a visually stunning tableau of sensual delights.

This DVD was created from a woman's viewpoint, placing her at the center of the action or as an observer. From being pleasured by several skilled lovers at once...to getting your just-deserts on the kitchen counter, spying some buff eye-candy,
–– even a sensual parody of a car-wash gone XXX!

Get ready to be transported to the inner dirty thoughts of the female erotic mind. Shot with real-life lovers, Female Fantasies is a rare filmed erotic experience –– capturing authentic chemistry and desire. Witness these wild dreams and make your own come...true!

1. Pleasure Me - a blindfolded woman's restless sleep somehow brings in a roomful of men and women to pleasure her...
2. Cabaret - a sensual shadow play of strippers and burlesque queens
3. Eye Candy - Chris in the shower with a bar of soap to alleviate his sexual tension...
4. Car Wash - Emilia's car gets washed and she gets a lube job
5. The Big Blue - naked bodies cavort and connect under water
6. The Blindfold - Maximus is naked and blindfolded. Is he sure she is who she is supposed to be? His penis doesn't seem to care...
7. Cookies & Cream - Lili and Violetta enjoy baking. In the nude. Tasty things happen - such sweet breasts...there's no bitchin' in this kitchen!
8. Cruising - go behind the scenes in a male gay bar 3-way when Lili shows up with her strap-on –– prepare to be shocked!
9. Secret Agent - an erotic shadow play where erect nipples and stiff erections do the interrogating...
10. Wildest Dreams - Emilia, Marc, Adam, Lili, Violette and Maximus get very fetishy and kinky. Oral appetizers are followed by a stiff main course of thrusting...

"Petra Joy lives up to her name, creating joyous, uninhibited erotica for women...and men!"
–– Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.
Filmmaker, Ecosexologist, Golden Age Pornstar

Performers:Lili, Adam, Max, Marco, Chris, Scarlet, Marc, Maximus, Emilia, Violet Storm, Violetta Storm, Lili La Chrosse, Emilia Ren, Kali Starr

Feature Runtime: 53 Minutes
Video Extras: 33 Minutes

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Candida Royale


Femme Productions
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