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For Lovers Only 4DVD-Set

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For Lovers Only is the ultimate 4-DVD couples collection. Gorgeous Carmen Luvana shows a hunky client the joys of the kama sutra in The Contractor. Girl next door Bree Olson pulls out all the erotic stops with her handsome lovers in Sunshine Highway. Delicious detective Kayden Kross interrogates a delighted suspect with first-class fellatio in Double Krossed. In American Heroes hunky fireman Johnny Castle uses his hefty equipment to put out Carmen Luvana’s fire. Blockbuster hits, beautiful performers, passionate sex—perfect for you and yours! 4 features include: The Contractor, Sunshine Highway, Double Krossed and American Heroes.

Feature Runtime: Over 6½ Hours!
DVD Extras: Over 5½ Hours!

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on 6/16/2014 10:34:20 AM
Great Video
Husband really liked this video!
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on 12/28/2012 10:13:04 AM
missing stories, great pictures
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on 12/28/2012 10:13:02 AM
missing stories, great pictures
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on 4/6/2012 4:28:41 PM
Great DVD's!
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on 9/24/2010 12:00:00 AM
The For Lovers Only DVD Set is a good collection for someone looking for a variety of movies for a good price. While none of the movies are outstanding on there own, the great value of this four disc set is what makes this a must have. The movies are straight forward adult entertainment, as they all contain very hot sex scenes, terrific performers, and thin to non-existentent plots. The star power of this set is actually solid, as you get Bree Olsen in Sunshine Highway, Kayden Kross is Double Krossed, and Carmen Luvana in both The Contractor and American Heroes. This set is a great value and a nice start to a adult movie collection or as a supplement to an existing collection. 4 hearts.
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on 7/27/2010 12:00:00 AM
Got us aroused and ready for sex
For Lovers Only is a great value with four DVD's full of arousing sex and enough variety amongst them to satisfy just about any sexual preference. While mostly standard guy-girl sex, there is some anal and some girl-girl sex, some of which the First Lady found tasteful, even enjoyable, and some that she found distasteful. The four-pack is actually greater than the sum of its parts and becomes exceptional because of the combination. Of the four videos included, "The Contractor" was our favorite--probably because I watched the First Lady frustrate subs and laborers with her look-but-don't-touch primal sensuality when she worked as a general contractor for about three years. The only slight letdown for me was that Carmen Luvana's breasts looked abnormal--like overfilled balloons ready to burst--not something I've noticed in other films I've enjoyed her in. "Double Krossed" was our second favorite mostly because of the lovely Kayden Kross, who was new to both of us, and performed some exquisite fellatio. The third video, "American Heroes" was good, but just a little too random and contrived. "Sunshine Highway" was our least favorite of the four. The opening tease shots went on way to long and the rapid changes were too distracting for either of us to enjoy. The bottom line--The For Lovers Only set did for us everything we watch adult video for--it made us forget about the struggles of the day and got us aroused and ready for sex with each other--and did so night after night with its over six hours of video and over 5 hours of extras.
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on 6/26/2010 12:00:00 AM
Short but fun!
For Lovers Only is a sex filled fun pack of 4 DVD's. I think they could have fit it all on one disk! It seemed like we were constantly being interrupted to switch the disk out again. Other than each disk being rather short, the sex was hot enough to get us excited. For Lovers Only has The Contractor, Sunshine Highway, American Heroes and Double Krossed with mostly hetero sex, a bit of anal and several girl only scenes. I would save this Pack of DVD's for the more adventurous sex partners, who enjoy anal and girl only scenes. We find these scenes very erotic in fast forward mode, where we see more of a still picture slide show. It makes it quicker and a little less uncomfortable. The women in this series of DVD's are hot with a lot of all natural beauties. The men were all very attractive, pleasant to watch and well hung. I like American Hero the best, who doesn't want to be saved by a hunky fireman! When I see DVD's like American Hero it makes me want to role-play! If you've ever fantasized about being rescued American Heroes is a must see. I'm not sure how the School Teacher was a Hero and that was a recycled scene for me. The Contractor turns things around with a group of Female contractors, who all act a lot like the boys and use them for their own pleasure. It's for all those working men out there who fantasize about doing it on the job. It's packed with hot tomboy sex all over the construction site. Who cares about the plot or the weak story line in Double Krossed as there is plenty of hot sex. I can never follow the plot in porn anyway as we always get distracted. Sunshine Highway had no plot other than country girls having sex. It does have some great sex and ends with a girl on girl scene that has a very hot female masturbation scene. All in all For Lovers Only is a great buy and will provide many evenings of entertainment for couples.
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on 6/17/2010 12:00:00 AM
An impressive set
This is a solid package. Every DVD in the case is overall good. Like others, we found American Heroes to be the best of the bunch. The scenarios (i.e. fireman, policeman, etc...) has inspired us to expand our own role play fun. With the remaining three movies, they are pretty much standard issue adult films. Hot girl #1 seduces hot-ish guy #1, hot girl #2 joins in, etc... There is nothing visually or audibly outstanding about any of them. That being said, they are still high quality Adam & Eve productions, so you know they were not rushed or neglected prior to release, all good in their own right. Most of Adam & Eve's big name contract stars are here, Carmen Luvana, Bree Olsen, and more. We are fans of passion and heat, which there is some to be found, this more predominant for us in American Heroes. We also like our porn to be a little darker, and more non-commercial (make of that what you will). Though not entirely our flavor, we still enjoyed it, and will continue to enjoy it in the future. If you or your partner like watching hot people having great sex, with clear picture and sound, there's plenty to be found here. In fact, this package contains four full-length titles, with great production value, for the average cost of one of lesser quality at your local adult book store. It is a great starter, and who knows, with this much material, you're bound to find a lot to enjoy in this package. We truly liked ours, and would recommend it to anybody and everybody. This is truly a real value!
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on 6/14/2010 12:00:00 AM
Great starter set
This is a great starter set for anyone looking to begin a collection of adult movies. The bottom line is that these are 4 good movies, but none are really outstanding. They all have some big names in them. Each is different in setting, but the sex acts are all pretty typical. My favorite is the American Heroes because of my hero fetish. The writing is not great, neither is the acting, but if you are looking for some diverse and erotic sex, this is a good set. Though each individual movie would get 3-4 hearts, because of the value of this 4 pack, we give it a solid 4 hearts.
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