The Friend Zone

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The Friend Zone
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The Friend Zone Features

How do you tell your best friend you’re in love with her!?

Adorable nice guy Kevin drops hints to his bewitching roomie Gina, but she doesn’t pick up.  Desperate, he creates an online profile, “Surly Steve,” using a co-worker’s male model looks but adding his own incredible sense of humor.  Gina indeed becomes smitten, but the something’s about to hit the fan when the real-life “Steve” starts dating her sister!  This one even melted the heart of our cynical reviewer, who loved the enchanting storyline, awesome production values, and passionate couples sex—you will too!

Feature Runtime: 125 Minutes
DVD Extras: 55 Minutes
"Best Actor" -AVN Awards  Nominee 2013
"Best Editing" -AVN Awards  Nominee 2013
"Best Romance Release" -AVN Awards  Nominee 2013
"Best Supporting Actor" -AVN Awards  Nominee 2013

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