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Man Of My Dreams

Item# 5566
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Man Of My Dreams Features

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Erotic encounters for getting in the mood, learning something new about sex with interesting sex facts, or just having fun. Man of My Dreams allows you to choose the sexual fantasy you want to watch—soft and sensual or spicy and racy. Choose from eight men. Sit back and relax. Will it be a slow and steamy rendezvous with the Plumber, a fun frolic with the Dog Walker or a sizzling quickie with the Fireman? Each scene is set to music (no distracting dialogue) to draw you into the fantasy. Nudity; no explicit sex.
Feature Runtime: 60 Minutes


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Sinclair Institute

Customer Reviews - Man Of My Dreams

I love a man in uniform   

Mr and Mrs B on August 18, 2010

The "Man of My Dreams" DVD was definitely created with women in mind. This is a great jump start to your evening by providing many fantasies to get you in the mood. The many erotic scenes involving a policeman, a fireman, a plumber etc. provide something for just about everyone because each scene has a varied degree of intensity. There is also an option to watch the scenes in learn mode with all kinds of sex facts etc displayed. I personally prefer something a little more explicit but I still very much enjoyed this DVD.
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A Classy Starter DVD   

MixCoca on April 17, 2010

The DVD "Man of My Dreams" is great for a quite night alone, when I'm ready to pull out one of my vibes. The film is not very vulgar and very easy to follow. It takes every possible type of man, and profession and blends it into a wonderful fantasy full of spiciness and desire. I love the fact that I could place myself into any of the situations further aide my imagination of what it would be like to be ravaged by characters like the Police Chief, Cable Guy, Plumber, Etc. The film has a lot of cool facts about the sex act that appears while the film is in play, which I enjoyed immensely. The only negative comment about this film was the lack of nudity of the male characters. I love seeing the male anatomy it gets me in the mood and makes me aroused. Yet the lack of nudity I feel left a lot to be imagined. This film is supposed to imaginative, but I wish it was a little more explicit. Overall did the job at getting me in the mood:):):)
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For her...but both are rewarded!   

Mr. and Mrs. Allure on March 21, 2010

"Man of My Dreams" is a nice way to tune up for a steamy evening with your man. Mr Allure asked me to watch this one night. I was reluctant to, but at his urging I finally caved. I am glad I did. This interactive DVD is made for the women. It has several different scenes which you can choose from. They definitely hit on a few fantasies that all women have (fireman, policeman, and a masseur) and a few you probably hadn't fantasized about…yet. After watching a few scenes, which varied from sexy to steamy, I realized why Mr. Allure had urged me to watch. He knew that once I was done watching a few fantasies play out, I would soon be after the real man of my dreams…him.-Mrs Allure
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Steamy and Romantic...   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on February 10, 2010

“Man of my Dreams” DVD is a wonderful collection of sensual and erotic fantasies to help get in the mood. The varied background music is fantastic, reflecting the mood and sexual action. The added blending with sighs, moans and exclamations is extremely well done. There are 8 visitor fantasies: handyman, policeman(!), masseur, dog walker, delivery man, plumber, tv repairman and fireman. Viewing options are: Play All scenes in 'learning mode' which shows visual sex tips and facts during each scene - my favorite because I smiled throughout and isn't that a nice way to learn? 2) Play All scenes in 'relax mode' minus the sex info, also my favorite choice for concentrating on each fantasy. This is terrific to watch as foreplay solo, or as a couple. There is nudity and some 'soft porn' intercourse portrayed but the emphasis is kissing, touching, massaging and stripping and it's all incredibly sexy! Reminded me of a sexy novel. From the actors and (more natural) actresses to the sets, lighting and camera angles everything is visually and audibly stimulating. I'm waiting for a sequel...
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