Advanced Sex Play

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Advanced Sex Play

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Inspire Your Sexual Creativity!

Imaginative sex is sensational sex! It's easy to keep your sex life new and varied every time when you watch our entertaining and provocative Advanced Sex Play: Positions & Toys For Lovers video. Attractive and enthusiastic couples guide you through a variety of exciting positions and techniques in explicit detail as they swing and bounce their way to orgasmic bliss. Among other things, you'll learn:

  • Gravity-defying positions for intercourse and oral sex
  • The unusual "Winged Eros" and "Wide Open" positions
  • How to inspire your creativity with sex toys and props like the Spinner Glass Dong, Body Harness,  Liberator Shapes, Love Rings and more
  • Solo masturbation with a glass dildo and an amazing "talking" vibrator
  • Creating an exact vibrating replica of his penis with the popular Clone-A-Willy Kit
  • Using vibrators for G-spot thrills

From your first viewing of Advanced Sex Play, you and your partner will find yourselves inspired to use your own creativity in new, adventurous ways for passionate sex that's completely out of the ordinary!

Running time: 45 minutes

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Better Sex


Sinclair Institute

Customer Reviews - Advanced Sex Play

Sex Toys Applications   

Mr. & Mrs. Love in TX on May 10, 2009

This DVD is pretty much a demonstration of sex toys sold at this website. This gives you the opportunity of actually seeing some toys in action. The DVD is a really good start for couples willing to try sex toys for the first time and don’t know where to start from. It also shows interesting new sex positions with the addition of using sex toys like the Better sex Love Ring, The Spinner Glass Dong, Talking Head Vibrator, Liberator Shapes, Sex Swing, Clone a Willy Kit ( This shows the ladies how to make a replica of their lover’s penis to play with, when he is away) and many others.
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Video or Catalog?   

Beauty and the Beast on July 21, 2008

While the video has some good information, like providing couples with some new toy ideas and positions. The couples selected are also attractive providing some eye candy for the viewers. It was very tasteful and piqued our interest in trying a few of the products. However both Beauty and I felt it was more like an instruction manual for the products or even a sales video for products you can buy from the website.
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