Advanced Sexual Pleasures Video Series

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Advanced Sexual Pleasures Video Series

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Take your relationship to a new level with the three volume Advanced Sexual Pleasures Series.

In this series you will watch real-life, loving couples demonstrating techniques and methods that are sure to increase your sexual pleasures. The Advanced Sexual Pleasures series will teach you the techniques and secrets that will keep you connected with your lover's erotic needs and desires for sexual pleasures you've only fantasized about! This sex techniques series includes:

Vol. 1: Incredible Orgasms - In 10 mood-inspiring segments, witness the power of the clitoris, discover sex positions that can send your partner to pleasure paradise, vibrators that quicken climax, tricks to make each other last longer, ways to orgasm together, plus tips on how to read your lover's climax meter.

Vol. 2: Joy of Erotic Massage - The power to bring your lover to the ultimate heights of sexual satisfaction is now in your hands -- literally! This hot, new instructional video features explicit uncensored scenes of loving couples demonstrating not just the basic techniques of erotic massage ... but advanced methods of stimulation that are arousing and explosively satisfying!

Vol. 3: Creative Positions for Lovers - Treat yourself and the one you love to a new position, or a variation on one you particularly enjoy. Learn how adjusting an angle here, or the pressure there can make the difference between "OK" and breathtaking intercourse or oral sex.

Advanced Sex Techniques DVD Length: 180 minutes total

Customer Reviews - Advanced Sexual Pleasures Video Series

Not bad, not bad   

The Joneses on March 10, 2010

Beyond the Bedroom: This DVD is for the very inexperienced. It talks about trying different positions and having sex elsewhere in the house. It is very basic and I did not gain anything from it, the only cool thing was the sex swing. If you have sex other than missionary or have sex in the shower or on the couch, you have covered everything in the disc. Incredible Orgasms: Another "basics" video, standard talks and demos of G-spot stimulation, using vibrators on the clit, vibrating sponge on the testicles, sex in different places and such. This video series is good for the cost of an all inclusive course, but if you know anything at all about any of the listed, there are much better available for the experienced. Erotic Massage: It's not what we thought it would be, the voice over sounded like Barry White, a little corny. I guess we thought we would get more tips on pressure points and what not; it's basically a video of couples giving each other massages. Again, another non experienced user would enjoy it. All in all Advanced Sexual Pleasures is a good series for perhaps first time viewers who are getting into learning more together, but as for us, it demanded some fast forwarding. ~The Joneses
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