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Best Deal Sampler Set

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Best Deal Sampler Set
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Best Deal Sampler Set
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EVERTHING you need to learn how to be the best lover, all together conveniently in one set and at an incredible VALUE!

This amazing 10 video set includes:

Maximizing G Spot Pleasures - It's no secret that women have more incredible orgasms when the G-spot is aroused. And when both partners are intensely aroused, the sex can be dynamite for you both! Let this informative, erotic video from the Sinclair Institute teach you how to reach those new heights of sexual pleasure with G-spot stimulation. It's easy for you and your lover to follow along with real couples as they guide you through tested techniques for stimulating the G-spot and producing more intense orgasms. 

101 positions For Lovers - Take a fabulous trip to the lush green valleys and wave-kissed beaches of romantic Jamaica at the Hedonism II Resort, where 3 beautiful, real-life couples - not XXX professionals -- indulge themselves in lavish sexual encounters. They invite you to watch in intimate detail as they explore positions from the basics of missionary to erotic sexual gymnastics that will leave you and your lover gasping! Be ready to stop and rewind, because you both won't want to wait to experiment on your own, as each scene encourages and stimulates your senses

The Better Sex® guide to Great Oral Sex - Rock your partner's world – and yours, too – with perfect oral sex techniques when you watch The Better Sex Guide To Great Oral Sex. Seven real couples explicitly demonstrate how oral sex play can be the most sensual of all sex, producing thrills that go far beyond intercourse alone.

Expanding Sexual Boundaries 3 volume set includes: The Erotic Edge, Wicked Surrender, and Advanced Sex Play - Take yourself beyond the edge of pleasure! You and your lover can expand your sexual repertoire, enhancing your enjoyment and strengthening your relationship when you watch this steamy 3 DVD set. Lose your inhibitions as you watch real-life couples demonstrate the techniques that will take your sex life further than you ever thought possible! Expanding Sexual Boundaries combines 3 of our hottest, most explicit titles, all designed to help you go beyond your current ideas of sexual pleasure and into a new world of exciting possibilities.

6 Amazing Techniques & 26 Incredible Sex Positions - Has lovemaking become too predictable?  Looking to reignite the boudoir?  Then look to this informative, exciting DVD offering an array of incredible erotic techniques for couples desiring to keep passion alive! Follow 5 attractive, real-life couples as they enthusiastically demonstrate six avenues towards making your bedroom the most exciting room in the house! There's nothing sexier than watching your lover in the throes of pure orgasmic pleasure, and knowing that it was your sexual skills that produced it! If you love to experiment - or if you always wanted to try something different - you'll love this video from the Sinclair Institute. In just one hour, you'll learn new skills to keep your lover satisfied. And your partner will be happy to return the favor! Get inspired as you watch real loving couples demonstrate explicit techniques and tips to keep your sex play exciting.

The Better Sex® guide to Anal Pleasure -  Let Dr. Jack Morin, the world's foremost authority on anal health and pleasure, take you on an exploration of this exciting subject as he explains the physiology of anal stimulation, dispels myths, and discusses the important role of proper preparation in discovering anal pleasure.

The Art of Orgasm - The secret to sensational sex is rediscovering your own body and your lover's, for a new understanding of what really excites you both! "The Art Of Orgasm" is a sexually explicit 46-minute video that takes you and your lover on a sexual journey into mutual pleasures - resulting in more intense orgasms and a more exciting sex life.  Let 11 attractive and uninhibited couples guide you every step of the way as they demonstrate techniques for unleashing pure passionate pleasure.

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Sinclair Institute


Sinclair Institute


Instructional, Couples

Customer Reviews - Best Deal Sampler Set

great start   

grguy88 on May 10, 2013

Excellent way to begin your collection.
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Great first purchase   

Anonymous on July 17, 2012

I had been seeing these videos and other collections advertised in Mens Health for years. My long term girlfriend and I fell into a sexual routine you can say. It is not that it was bad, it was just the same thing time after time. So, I bought these and all I can say is that it is well worth the money. I have watched all of them with my girlfriend and its great because she wants to try new positions, toys and even anal play which she never wanted to before. I would suggest that women keep an open mind, these videos are not porn they are very educational and will truly make you take new steps in your sex life. Also, pay attention to some of the toys they use in the movies. My girlfriend is now begging me to buy some of them for us to try and I am excited for that.
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