Better Sex for a Lifetime® Volume 2

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Better Sex for a Lifetime® Volume 2
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Better Sex for a Lifetime® Volume 2

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Better Sex for a Lifetime Volume 2

This informative video gives you sex education you can use, designed to make you comfortable or skilled with a whole range of sexual practices. Discover how new locales can inspire sexual experimentation. Watch loving couples intimately demonstrate new positions, some intended to accommodate back problems or erectile difficulties. Learn how prolonged, advanced oral sex techniques can be mutually and intensely pleasurable while relieving performance anxiety. See how adult toys can add a new dimension of playfulness and fun to lovemaking. Simply watching the explicit demonstrations can unlock inhibitions and help you rediscover that special chemistry which brought you and your lover together in the first place. This is your guide to keeping your sex life fresh and exciting, while opening your mind to new sexual options. You'll also learn the art of communicating with your partner without inhibitions or embarrassment, sharing your needs, desires and fantasies to develop a more fascinating erotic relationship and more trust between you and your partner.

Keep The Passion Alive At Any Age!

One thing that never changes with age is that spark of sexual passion. You might not have the stamina of an 18-year old, but you can sure keep the flame burning as hot as you did then! All you need is the tips and techniques shown in Better Sex For A Lifetime, Vol. 2! The second in our customer-favorite series takes you and your lover deeper into the adventure of sexual experimentation to help keep your love life fascinating.

Beautiful, sexy couples demonstrate explicit techniques to help you cast off inhibitions and rediscover that special chemistry that brought you together. You'll add to your skills with a whole new range of sexual expertise, designed to take you and your lover beyond your ordinary bedroom adventures. You'll learn:

• How making love in new or unexpected locales can generate excitement
• Drive your lover wild with advanced oral sex techniques
• How to work around back problems or erectile difficulties
• Add playfulness and orgasmic thrills with sex toys - including a bungee swing!
• New positions to stir the senses
• Recreating the passion of the first date
• Erotic massage to stir the senses
• Playing out your fantasies
• Incorporating masturbation into your foreplay
• 3 positions that are easy on your back, positions during pregnancy
• Clitoral stimulation during intercourse

Running time: 60 minutes.

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Sinclair Institute

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Tigger's Dad   

on July 2, 2008

After many years of marriage our sex life had lost its original glow & was a long time between occasions. After reviewing the dvd things have turned around and sex is maybe even better than ever. A suggestion, considering where we saw the ad, you might want to add a senior couple to the program, to show sex can continue for a long time and be as good as ever.
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