Better Sex® 10 Secrets To Great Sex

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Better Sex® 10 Secrets To Great Sex

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Put More Adventure Into Your Sex Life!

Great sex doesn't have to be a mystery - not when you learn the tips and techniques presented in this enlightening and enjoyable video. Spend a delicious night with your partner as you both discover how to experiment with new locations, new positions, and new techniques that will leave you both bursting with pleasure and delight.

10 Secrets To Great Sex can help you restore sensuous spontaneity to your intimate relationship, helping you and your partner please each other in new and delightful ways.

Watch 13 loving couples connect with fun and passion - in steamy showers, kitchen encounters, adults-only picnics and many more explicit scenes. Learn novel ways to spice up sex play - including tips on choosing the right erotic videos, using toys and sure-fire communication strategies for overcoming shyness about trying new things.

Open the door to a private playground for you and your partner. The fun begins whenever you're ready, so start watching today!

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Sinclair Institute


Sinclair Institute

Customer Reviews - Better Sex® 10 Secrets To Great Sex

Spice Up Your Relationship   

Mr & Mrs Wilson on June 10, 2007

This instructional adult sex education DVD provides some great examples on how to make sex fun. These include pampering your partner, using food, watching or making erotic movies, sex outdoors, oral sex, experimenting with new positions, sex games or toys and sharing your fantasies with your partner. This DVD will be particularly good for couples who are struggling for ideas when it comes to sex. The bonus short film, hosted by Marty Klein PhD and sex therapist, illustrates how sexual fantasy can be incorporated into a relationship to enhance or heighten sexual desire and arousal. We particularly liked how the discussion provided by Marty Klein integrated well with the sexual fantasy examples. The only drawback we found with this adult sex education DVD was that it appeared dated even though it was made only seven years ago. Lastly, we urge those in a committed relationship to watch this with their partner, not alone, as this will provide the greatest benefit for your relationship
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