Erotic Edge: Secrets To Ultimate Satisfaction

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Kinky Fun Fantasies For Loving Couples!

Every couple dreams of flirting with edgy fantasies - but why not try them for real? Go beyond the ordinary with "The Erotic Edge: Secrets Of Ultimate Satisfaction," the video that takes you to an entirely new world of sexual excitement! Four loving couples demonstrate how to indulge your kinky side in a safe and non-threatening manner. Your favorite sex positions and activities can become wild erotic adventures with just a little imagination and a few props and toys.

You'll see partners tied to the bed, female and male domination, the use of vibrators and toys for more intense orgasms, and hot lovers in leather. This new-age adult sex education video shows you how to take your lovemaking to the edge and rev up your sexual intensity!

You'll explore:

  • Using fantasy toys and props safely
  • Domination by a leather-clad mistress
  • Using restraints to build excitement
  • Seductive role reversal
  • Anal sex and prostate stimulation
  • The thrill of hot wax drip candles
  • Blindfolded and brought to orgasm
  • How to have a menage a'trois for just two

"The Erotic Edge" will keep you and your partner aroused and entertained, while showing you how to expand your erotic experience in new and fun ways!

Running time: 32 minutes

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on 6/19/2016 9:44:07 PM
Excellant DVD
Very good product
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on 9/5/2008 12:10:13 AM
Got me Thinkin'
The Erotic Edge had got me thinking about all the different things out there that one can experience along with ones sexual experiences. The video adventures to ideas that may seem taboo but you have to try at least once to see if you like it, things such as light bondage, anal sex and positional items. I don't know wether I will try EVERTHING on this video but instead take things step by step and attempt to spice things up a little in the bedroom.
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on 7/6/2008 3:51:58 AM
informative and educational
The "Erotic Edge" was easy to watch together as a couple because it was tastefully done and from an informational viewpoint. As a result of watching it together we had some real discussion about things like anal sex and bondage, that we had only skirted around in the past. Truthfully the talking was a turn on in itself and if for no other reason I would recommend this DVD. The fact that the couples were so real, not perfect and all made up made them easier to relate to.
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on 6/16/2008 11:20:53 AM
**Buzz Member Highlight
Enjoyed it. Also believe that communication is key to better satisfaction and relating to your partner. The film quality was fine and informative. Don't know if Mabel is ready to be spanked, she'd probably knock over the Harley, but discussing best placement for the love swing. **Submitted by Bubba & Mabel**
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on 6/16/2008 10:24:22 AM
Buzz Team Pick**
We just received Erotic Edge: Secrets to Ultimate Satisfaction a couple of days ago. We finally got the chance to take a look last night, and found it to be very interesting. We have been married for almost 11 years we are always up for some new tricks to add a little spice in the bedroom. This dvd certainly did provide that. While it did have a slight infomercial feel to it, it did show tasteful ways to enhance our sex lives. At this point, we may not be comfortable with trying all of them, it did springboard us to try some of the ideas with slight variations more to our taste. My husband is now ready for those restraints and the paddle and I'm wanting the pink dildo. ha ha. Oh, and in the words of my husband, "Even if you don't want to do all the things on the dvd yourself, you get a nice little porno to watch."
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on 6/12/2008 6:31:56 PM
Easy to watch and relate to!
I thoroughly enjoyed this instructional piece! This is the first video of it's kind that I have ever watched, and I was skeptical at first. I love the fact that there are REAL people in this. Not your typical staged folks that have been geared up for adult videos and made up to be fake. I love how easy it was to see myself in these situations, and how interesting and simple new ideas can be. This has certainly opened a few new doors in our bedroom. This introduces new techniques, new toys and new ideas without being pushy or cheesy. I can't wait to continue learning more with different series!
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on 6/3/2008 4:17:39 PM
Tastefully Done
I thought this video was tastefully done and would recommend it to anyone considering a change to their sexual fulfillment. The subjects were average people and demonstrated the techniques needed to satisfy some previously taboo areas, bondage and anal sex. I would consider this video a must have for any one curious, or considering adding to their sexual variety.
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