Exploring Better Sex™ II: 4-Volume Set

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Exploring Better Sex™ II: 4-Volume Set

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Introducing another Better Sex Exclusive...Exploring Better Sex II DVD Collection!

SAVE BIG On This Exclusive 4-Set Series - TOTAL VALUE $100!

Enter New Worlds Of Sexual Pleasure!

 Find out why our customers have awarded this sensational video series with their highest ratings: 5 hearts! Exploring Better Sex II takes you and your lover through an uncut, uncensored and red-hot world of ultimate sexual satisfaction in which nothing is taboo.

See it all up close and in complete intimate detail as attractive couples and individuals shed all inhibitions to demonstrate erotic tips, turn-ons, techniques and fantastic sexual pleasures in ways you may never have thought possible. You and your lover will get so aroused watching that you won't be able to wait to try it all! These 4 videos include some of our most exciting titles to make your sex life sensational!

Sexplorations: 22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn-Ons

This is the one that'll turn your sex life up to 11! Learn the arts of seduction, erotic dance, fantasy play, mind-blowing mutual masturbation, anal play, and more. Get advice from sex therapists on how to incorporate these techniques into your love life for incredible experiences.

Creative Positions For Lovers

Learn new positions or new variations on familiar ones to keep your sex life fresh and exciting! 8 beautiful lovers demonstrate techniques for controlling speed, thrust, and the male orgasm, the best position during pregnancy, variations on the "cowgirl" and rear-entry positions, moving sex out of the bedroom and more. And get advice from 5 respected sex experts.

Maximizing G-spot Pleasures

Explore the intensity of G-spot orgasms. Find out how to locate and arouse the G-spot, use special toys, positions for maximum stimulation, and how female ejaculation works. Follow along with real couples as they guide you through tested techniques for pure pleasure!

Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasures

Enlightened couples are finding that anal sex, done correctly, can produce explosive orgasms for both partners. Real couples explicitly demonstrate techniques for relaxing your muscles, stimulating the prostate for "full body" male orgasm, positions for anal sex, and the best toys and lubes for anal play. Sex expert Dr. Jack Morin explains all about getting the most pleasure from anal adventures.

 Series running time: over 4 hours

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Sinclair Institute


Sinclair Institute

Customer Reviews - Exploring Better Sex™ II: 4-Volume Set


Anonymous on January 13, 2009

this is a great aid and i also love watching real couples have sex
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