Great Sex Over 50 For Men

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Great Sex Over 50 For Men

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Exciting, explicit lessons in keeping passion alive!  Sexologist Patti Britton hosts this informative, arousing guide for men hitting the middle age mark.  You'll learn of techniques and toys designed to encourage and sustain erections in Great Sex Over 50 For Men.  Staying fit, comfortable intercourse positions, rediscovering foreplay and oral sex—all these important topics and more are covered.  Demonstrations are performed by 3 attractive, loving couples who also offer smart advice. Feature: 69 minutes.  Extras: 30 minutes.

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Alexander Institute


Loving Sex

Customer Reviews - Great Sex Over 50 For Men


Harley fan on September 13, 2011

This video provides interesting information, But i was a little disapointed that they did'nt tell that you should only leave the enhancment ring on for 20 min, Overall i thought it was good, showed real people like most of us NOT all 20 something actors, I thought this video was presented very tastefully.
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