Guide To Erotic Pleasures Video Series

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Guide To Erotic Pleasures Video Series

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Explore the limitless regions of intimacy and arousal through this erotic, breakthrough series.

Watch as couples demonstrate the use of up-to-date versions of various sex toys, oral techniques and tips to better orgasms. The BetterSex Erotic Pleasures Series contains explicit demonstrations to help you and your partner expand the boundaries of your sexual pleasure and uncover your lover’s secret pleasure spots! America’s leading sexuality experts offer guidance and perspective on ways to heighten your partners orgasmic intensity and moves to drive your lover wild. This series includes:

Adult Sex Toys for Better Sex< - An A to Z guide that allows you to watch and learn how couples use sex toys together to stimulate every erogenous zone.


Better Oral Sex Techniques - Oral sex is the most sensual of all love play, capable of producing sensations that far surpass the pleasures of intercourse alone. This erotic act of lovemaking is raised to an art form in Better Oral Sex Techniques.


Big O: An Erotic Guide to Better Orgasms - Ever left high and dry by sex? Want more powerful, frequent climaxes? Then "The Big O" is must-see viewing. Ways to create multiple orgasms for both genders. Plus tips on your partner's pleasure, styles of arousal, and much more.

Length: Total length is over 180 minutes.

Customer Reviews - Guide To Erotic Pleasures Video Series

A nice compilation of info!   

The Joneses on January 6, 2010

I had trouble getting these to play in my computer, I downloaded the player, but the sound was choppy and the video skipped, but I’m sure it is just my computer and they of course play fine in a regular DVD player (my player is broke which is why I had to use my PC for now). Better Oral Sex Techniques- This video was very informative. It explained and broke down everything from how to suck and lick, to deep throat and swallowing. A definite must for the timid wife or girlfriend who is curious but doesn’t know how to talk about it, or is embarrassed to talk. I guess it could help out a man as well if he has never seen a porn movie or is very inexperienced. Toys for Better Sex- Wow! What a great video! If you are confused by the huge array of toys for the bedroom we highly recommend this video. This video literally covers everything from the history of toys to how and where to use them, they even demo some. They talk about anal toys and enhancers plus the different features of battery and plug in toys. I honestly can’t think of anything they left out. Really, this DVD will save you money, toys can be very expensive and this will show you what to expect before you buy them. The Big O- An all inclusive guide to having better orgasms through understanding and education. It went through the anatomy of males and females and talked about different kinds of stimulation and methods of reaching orgasm. What’s nice about these videos is that they all depict regular everyday couples, they are not necessarily fit, a few of them are overweight and none of them have shaved genitals, which I did not care for, but I guess they were going for “real world” people. They are all older people ranging from 40’s to mid 50 year olds. So the video is not at all intimidating for people who are afraid they will be shown up by the people on screen. We highly recommend this series. ~The Joneses
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