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Over 100 Sex Positions Set

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Over 100 Sex Positions Set
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Over 100 Sex Positions Set
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Over 100 Sex Positions Set Features

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Which of these 101 sexual positions will you use tonight? The 'Over 100 Sex Positions Set' will help you find new and exciting positions to spice up your love life!

This amazing set includes:

101 Sexual Positions for Lovers - Take a fabulous trip to the lush green valleys and wave-kissed beaches of romantic Jamaica at the Hedonism II Resort, where 3 beautiful, real-life couples - not XXX professionals -- indulge themselves in lavish sexual encounters. They invite you to watch in intimate detail as they explore positions from the basics of missionary to erotic sexual gymnastics that will leave you and your lover gasping! Be ready to stop and rewind, because you both won't want to wait to experiment on your own, as each scene encourages and stimulates your senses.152 minutes.

The Better Sex® Guide to the Kama Sutra - The ancient and timeless sex teachings of the East are revealed in this easy-to-follow and absorbing guide to sexual positions. More than just a sex manual, the Kama Sutra is a complete guide to the art and science of love to produce a "totally happy union." The Better Sex Guide To The Kama Sutra is an inspiring video experience designed to guide you through this masterpiece of sexuality. 50 minutes.

Creative Positions for Lovers - Our Creative Sex Positions For Lovers: Beyond The Bedroom video teaches you how to spice it up, taking your sex play from bland to breathtaking! This sexy, stimulating video features 5 sex experts giving you practical, down-to-earth advice for keeping your relationship fresh. Real-life couples take you step by step through the positions and techniques in uninhibited erotic detail. You'll have as much fun watching this video as you'll have in trying out everything you've seen! 60 minutes.

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Sinclair Institute


Sinclair Institute
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