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Satisfying Him

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Length: 60 minutes.

Buy the Lifelong Pleasure Series Vol. 1, 2, and 3 and SAVE!

Watch and Learn! This is a video every couple will want to share. Expert opinions from world-renowned sex therapists Goedele Liekens and Dr. Michael Perry guide you through proven techniques to overcome inhibitions and make sex fun! Watch as a real couple explicitly demonstrates these techniques for achieving sexual satisfaction and shares secrets that can help you invigorate your sexual relationship. What you see will educate. It will motivate. And it will excite.

Topics addressed: Sensual and Genital Massage, The Race to Orgasm, How to Prolong Erection and Orgasm, Self-Pleasuring, Learning New Positions.

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on 12/27/2009 11:46:50 AM
Extending and enhancing sexual pleasure
The dress of the two experts and the décor seemed to indicate early 1970’s, yet the nostalgic presentation did not detract from the educational benefits and relevance of this DVD. I wish this video had been available when I was 12-years-old, instead of the useless book of “cave drawings” and misinformation that provided the basis for my early distorted view of sex. The commentary, lessons, and demonstrations revolve around a central theme that the brain is the primary sex organ and that our sexual response is filtered and modified according to what we have learned and experienced throughout our life. For young boys, a “race to orgasm” mentality is typically what gets ingrained and that frequently leads to premature ejaculation. Add the often taught notion that the erect penis is the end-all solution to female sexual pleasure and performance anxiety becomes another unwanted part of the male sexual repertoire. Considering all the misinformation and lingering religious censorship of sex for pleasure, it is a wonder anyone can respond commendably to sexual stimulation. This DVD provides factual information on the male sexual response cycle and the orgasm reflex then demonstrates exercises to retrain the input-response of the brain to extend and time-to-orgasm and enhance male sexual pleasure. It also does a wonderful job of dispelling myths about male and female sexuality and the role of the penis that are still prevalent, at least in our social circles. The demonstrations are quite sexually explicit and rousing, yet they are also appropriate to the point of being required. This information, used to its fullest potential, could significantly reduce premature ejaculation and male performance anxiety while increasing the sexual pleasure of both partners. We’d like to see a foundation established to provide this DVD to every pubescent boy and every couple planning marriage.
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