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Speaking of Sex VHS

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Length: 60 minutes.

VHS only

Following on the notion that good communication is essential for great sex, we offer you a video that will get both you and your partner talking. A panel of five distinguished sex therapists and experts discuss overcoming the taboos against such practices as oral sex and masturbation, among other things. Four couples let us join them in explicit scenes as they explore these newly opened areas of sexual satisfaction. You'll learn about sexual anatomy, including the clitoris and how to stimulate it. Most importantly, you and your partner will come to understand the important role of good communication in attaining sexual satisfaction.

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Customer Reviews - Speaking of Sex VHS

Informative Sex Education   

on August 3, 2007

The format of Speaking of Sex is like a PG rated TV program that is spiced up with explicit sexual content. Real couples demonstrate some very personal details of their intimite expressions of sexuality which includes, masturbation, oral sex and intercourse, of course. For the benefit of those who would like to discuss some of the sexual activities with our significant others, it would be nice if, speaking of DVD, Speaking of Sex was available in a format other than VHS. My copy is getting worn out at some of the scenes.
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