The Art of Oral Sex and The Art of Sex Positions
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The Art of Oral Sex

The Art of Oral Sex is a sensual way for couples to extend their sexual boundaries. If done correctly these techniques can create a physical, emotional and spiritual bond as intimate and pleasurable as “traditional” intercourse. BetterSex knows that in the art of oral sex, like with any artistic endeavor, the better the technique, the better the end result. The key to mastering this technique is communication and trust. The Art of Oral Sex will teach you how to give and receive, lovers will learn oral techniques from eleven real couples guaranteed to expand your expertise and help you find an intimacy unlike anything you've ever known.

The Art of Sexual Positions

Eleven real couples guide you through a palette of lovemaking sexual positions and skills guaranteed to spark your imagination, and inspire your sexual creativity. Explore the limitless variations to enhance intimacy, provide optimum G-spot and clitoral stimulation, increase mutual pleasure, achieve deeper penetration and masterfully take your lover's breath away. There are no limits to your sexual creativity and artistry when you explore the vast number of sexual positions this DVD has to offer.

Runtime: Total Feature 90 Minutes

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Brand: Sinclair Institute
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Studio: Sinclair Institute

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on 2/24/2016 3:58:53 PM
The Art of Oral
My comment is mainly on the chapter on fellatio, while the visuals and couples are well done and beautiful, the entire sequence was done with the man laying on his back and the woman kneeling, with the one exception where he was seated and the woman was kneeling. My wife and I both enjoyed the video, but the lack of other position in this section was disappointing.
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on 12/10/2013 6:23:23 PM
Nothing really new here
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on 8/22/2013 7:34:41 PM
Sinclair:Oral and Position Sex
The videos were great, and presented in a non-porn, non-clinical manner. Real people doing real things, ans illustrating how to increase the pleasure of your sex life. I recommend it to young and the not-so-young. Watch, enjoy and learn along the way!
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on 8/19/2013 6:07:10 PM
It would be more interesting with the participants comments without the experts introducing each section. It had good advice.
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on 8/2/2013 7:13:12 AM
a video of interest to her
not sure at the rating as I have not viewed it yet, BUT she has opened the sleeve presumably to watch the art of oral sex which has been a new adventure for her. I intend to see if she has viewed it.
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on 6/6/2013 4:27:52 PM
Art of Oral
This series is better than "The Art of Sex Collection". I would recommend this product.
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on 5/15/2013 5:56:45 PM
Fun weekend
ok not great
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on 4/24/2013 5:33:31 PM
very informative
Sinclair videos are very informative.
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on 2/28/2013 1:39:03 PM
oral sex
we think that the dvd is and would be great for beginners or new to the art of it , but been doing for long time..still brings out ideas and thoughts..we both enjoyed..some positions are for younger people also when you get to certain age some bones creak but we did enjoy and will watch many more times
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on 2/24/2011 1:21:47 PM
Not too Bad!!!
This was purchased to bring back the youth in our sex life. We used to have fun in the bedroom and would try a lot of things. Now it is maybe once a week, and it’s always well you want it tonight. I found these and my wife said she would watch them. Her points: They showed a lot of different things. She felt she already knew how to do these things she doesn’t feel comfortable. I did get very bored. Maybe because we didn’t try anything with each other, we said we would just watch it. I was ready and she wasn’t. She was willing to try new things but it didn’t last. My view: I like watching this with my wife. I was excited to try new things. I like that everyone wasn’t porn stars. I think that made my wife feel better. I did get bored and felt they are very repetitive with each one. Overall, this product is really good. It could be great, but with my wife it’s just good. Make sure your spouse is willing and ready for a change before you watch this.
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