The Big 'O' Guide To Better Orgasms

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The Big 'O' Guide To Better Orgasms

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Ever been left high and dry by sex?

Want more powerful, frequent climaxes? Then "The Big O" is must-see viewing. Nationally recognized sex educator Dr. Marty Klein leads you through the latest findings on orgasms and explicit footage of attractive couples reaching the highest peaks of pleasure. Learn to "tune in" for a fulfilling climax without emotional "static". Why women need to avoid faking it. Ways to create multiple orgasms for both genders. Plus tips on your partner's pleasure, styles of arousal, and much more.

Guide To Better Orgasms DVD Length: 60 minutes.

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Sinclair Institute


Sinclair Institute

Customer Reviews - The Big 'O' Guide To Better Orgasms

From meowing kitties to Roaring Lions   

Omega on July 18, 2008

after watching this video I've been able to give my wife longer and more intense orgasms, it really helped us not only to enjoy sex more but also helped us connect even more as a couple. I Really recommend this Video for those who wanna make their relationship better
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first video purchase   

on July 12, 2008

my wife and I bought this video thinking we might learn "something new." While there were a a couple of interesting bits of information, we were for the most part disappointed. The couples were not attractive as suggested. There didn't seem to be much in the way of having "better" orgasms as the title would suggest.
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