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The Tantric Guide To Better Sex

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Guide To Tantric Sex

Beyond intercourse, beyond intimacy lies the world of Tantric sex. Ancient philosophers believed sexual energy was one of the greatest forces of humankind. In just 60 minutes the viewer will learn to harness this sexual energy to increase their lovemaking potential. Attractive couples demonstrate the techniques that take orgasm out of the genitals and into the five senses for a long-lasting, full-body experience. Breathing, massage, and romantic ambiance enhance pleasure. Movement, erotic positions, and relaxation expand sexual awareness. The viewer will learn to prolong his or her orgasm, finally merging with their partner in a state of sexual ecstasy.

Video Length: 60 minutes.

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on 2/27/2017 4:02:55 PM
Tantric Guide To Better Sex
Lots of information.
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on 1/11/2010 10:13:17 AM
Time intensive
Tantric sex is very time intensive, we do not have kids but we are in school and working. Having slow sex in the way described would have to wait until a weekend night or reserved for vacations. The Tantric Guide to Better Sex did explain everything in great detail to give any couple a comfortable start to having Tantric sex. Some of the things described would make us feel awkward as it seems kind of corny and does not fit our personality. Some of the clips went on a little too long for my attention span but was resolved with the FFWD button. We will have to adapt things to our way and then maybe it will be something we can explore. If you are trying to last longer in bed or you would like to experience full body and/or multiple orgasms, this might be a video worth checking out. ~The Joneses
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on 10/7/2009 9:05:20 PM
Some of our favorite positions… yab yum…
We decide to purchase this enlightening video, The Tantric Guide to Better Sex, more or less as a refresher course to our lovemaking. We have been together for many years and have practiced the tantric method over many of those same years, as we still do to this day. The tantric positions/exercise are many of our favorite for creating prolonged sexual experiences and full body orgasms that radiate throughout our bodies. This guide is well done and informative explaining the 7 chakras and the exercises for better sex. I recommend this video to beginners and seasoned sexual partners, the renewed benefits can be amazing. We noticed that many of our most sensual and erotic positions are still tantric positions. The yab yum and both the male and the female superior positions are incorporated as our regular all time favorites that are exceedingly pleasurable to both of us. Add this video to your collection and discover a renewed sexual connection with your lover. I think, I’ll set the mood tonight and we’ll dance naked for each other and together, we haven’t done that for awhile. Five hearts for this one! Ms Diva
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on 7/23/2008 3:13:51 PM
Fantasies Can Come True
This was a well produced, informative, educational video. The video appeared to use actual, attractive couples, as opposed to actors, to demonstrate the benefit of sexual energy between committed couples. It was informative yet erotic at the same time. It led a couple to explore new areas in their relationship, resulting in full body intercourse. The facilitators were knowledgeable about the subject matter and left you with ideas and the opportunity to be creative on your own as you expand your sexual awareness as a couple. It left you with a wealth of ideas to enhance your sexual relationship and take it to a new level!
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on 7/19/2008 6:18:38 PM
Attractive couples performing Tantric Sex. Very erotic to watch, as well as informative. This video not only educates couples on how to enhance sexual pleasure, and prolong orgasms, but will teach couples how to achieve full body orgasms. Couples will learn how to connect on a higher level. Step by step exercises that are easy to follow. There is a bonus footage showing several sexual techniques, and also explains how a woman as well as her partner can find her G-Spot. Couples will enjoy watching this video together.
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