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12 Ways To Boost Your Libido

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A healthy, happy life includes great sex!

However, many women have lost interest in sex due to lack of desire. Desire is driven not only by chemicals and hormones in the body, but also by ability to focus on overall health and well being. Reinvigorate your libido by exploring and expanding your erotic potential with this female-focused program that highlights mind and body exercises that release endorphins increasing both brain power and sexual desire.

Designed for women, and created by leading sex educators and physicians, Boost Your Libido opens the door to understanding female anatomy, physiology, and how tantalizing techniques can enhance pleasure, thereby increasing sexual desire. Watch four loving couples demonstrate intoxicating positions, G spot stimulation, fantasy role playing with blindfolds and feathers, great toys for alone time or partner play, oral experience lessons for him, anal stimulation, quickies in and out of the shower, sensual massage, plus a vast array of other erotic pleasures.

Experimentation is exciting and a sure way to increase interest, pleasure and desire. Boost Your Libido will help you and your partner rediscover each other and experience the best sex ever.

Feature Runtime: 60 Minutes + Extras!

Product Details

Format: DVD
Genre : Instructional, Couples
Running Time: 60 mins
Studio: Sinclair Institute

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on 1/20/2015 4:48:46 PM
Wish I would have found this year's ago!
Getting older is awesome, I highly recommend it! But getting stale in the bedroom isn't all it's cracked up to be. This video sparked a flame that has been gently flickering for a while. I highly recommend this and am looking for to my next videos to arrive. Free USPS is great but I wish I would have gone with overnight express!
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on 1/1/2013 1:43:53 PM
Another great video for your lovelife toolbox
This video is another of a new series of videos by Sinclair. THis video is as much of a turn on as they are informative. If your love life is sparse or non existent do to life's stresses and schedule's and romance has been better , this video has the tools to awaken what you have been missing. As always Sinclair has tastefully produced this video with real world couples and not actors. They address, everything from diet and exercise to massage, rekindling romance, fun toys, stimulation techniques. They address Menopause. and how that affects you and your love life. Sinclair has been key in keeping our love life fun, let them help you too!
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on 11/13/2012 10:50:10 PM
Warm Her Up
This is an instructional video that has be produced very professionally and shares ways to help women reach climax. This is not porn, nonetheless remains a turn-on to watch. As always, Sinclair Institute has done a tasteful and informative job of explaining various techniques and methods to help women enjoy sexual encounters. Like the other DVD that can be bought in a set with this one it begins by suggesting a healthy amount of diet and exercise as a natural way to help women stay in tip top sexual health. Romance, sensual massage, oral pleasures,fun and essential positions, helpful toys, G-Spot stimulation techniques, anal sex, pole dancing, sensual dancing, strengthening kegels, and a menopause are all covered in this DVD. There really is a wealth of knowledge for women of all ages that couples can benefit from. I think this is a great educational video with just the right amount of skin to keep things from getting too technical and just the right amount of vital information. Sinclair Institute really is the best when it comes to sensitive, appropriate, and provocative educational DVDs. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone looking to learn more about their body or their partners.
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on 11/12/2012 9:22:22 PM
Hot stuff for Couples and singles
When I saw this video on the website I just had to order it. Sinclair Institute has another award winner with their Live Better Love Better video 12 Ways to Boost Your Libido. There are some truly hot tips for increasing a woman’s libido. I am looking forward to using a few of the tips. The video covers exercise, quickies, oral, toys, great positions to try, g spot love., anal sex, fantasy and bondage to get the heat turned up, making your own erotica, romance woman are from V.E.N.I.S., pole dancing (one I wouldn’t mind trying). The bonus features are also worth watching too. They are sexy dancing to Kegels exercises, which are so important for women. Menopause is also covered and what is available. I really think this video is wonderful for couples and singles. It contains great information and is present in a professional manner featuring five real couples and hosted by Allana Pratt. I know Im going to get back to regular exercise of more yoga and pilates so maybe I can give pole dancing a try. I rate 12 Ways to Boost Your Libido five hearts.
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on 11/9/2012 1:08:04 AM
Enlightening, Erotic and Essential Information
This video introduces twelve overarching strategies that can help a woman increase her libido. Topics covered include basics like exercise and the frequency of sexual encounters, to sensual massage, oral pleasures, positioning for pleasure, toys, and more advanced subjects like G-Spot stimulation, anal sex, and even pole dancing. Not to be overlooked is the important discussion on romance and its role in arousing a woman’s sexual desire (take notes guys!). Within these twelve ‘chapters,’ however, is a whole lot of information aimed at providing an explanation about what can lead to a decreased libido, dispelling myths about how you ‘should’ feel, and the importance of taking small steps aimed at long term improvements in your sex life. This is not a program to be followed, but rather a bunch of workable ideas that when used together can serve to improve a woman’s sex drive. We found that there is a lot in this video for both the gals and guys. Watching this video as a couple will help the guy understand what his partner is going through and how he can help her; it also serves as a gentle reminder about how men and women look at sex and romance differently. This is great, non-confrontational, subtle couple’s therapy that everyone can benefit from. Special Features include additional information on Sexy Dancing, Strengthening the Kegels, and a Menopause Makerover. There is also a Behind the Scenes reel.
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