10 Ways to Go Longer and Stronger

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Live Better Love Better Video Series

A healthy, happy life includes great sex! However, many men, especially those over 40, find that intimacy has become routine, or have lost interest in sex due to lack of desire. Desire is driven not only by chemicals and hormones in the body, but also by overall health and well being.  Reinvigorate your libido with this male-focused program that highlights exercise, diet tips, and tantalizing games helpful in raising testosterone levels, thereby increasing interest and desire in sex.

Four loving couples explicitly demonstrate intoxicating pleasures including oral experience techniques, invigorating positions, prostate stimulation, penis pump use and benefits, the truth about supplements and much more. Designed for men, and created by leading sex educators, therapists and physicians,  Go Stronger & Longer is designed to refuel erotic desire, empower you with techniques to satisfy your partner, and provide methods to improve overall sexual health and wellbeing. Discover how making love doesn’t have to be routine, and how sexual performance is a matter of a healthy mind, body, and desire.  60 minutes & extras

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Expert: Sinclair Institute
Format: DVD
Genre : Instructional
Running Time: 60 mins
Studio: Sinclair Institute

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on 1/27/2013 9:08:52 PM
Better Sex I salute you!
“10 Ways to Go Longer and Stronger” lived up to the high expectations I set for it. Like always, Better Sex and the Sinclair Institute have put together a top notch educational DVD. It is a great mix of narration, demonstration and eroticism. The presenter does her job perfectly. She is very easy to understand, knowledgeable, and not bad on the eyes. The instruction is complete and to the point. The couples are all beautiful and show off their great experiences. I love how Better Sex uses real couples in their demonstrations instead of actors. You can feel the love each couple has for each other radiating from the screen. The DVD is really centered on couples who are beginners to experienced and gives a lot of great little tips and techniques. It also shows the connections between what you do during the day with how you are in bed. If you exercise regularly you are more likely to go longer and stronger. I would recommend this title for any couple who wants to add a few more tricks to their repertory and go longer and stronger.
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on 11/12/2012 9:25:02 PM
Great for couples and singles alike
10 Ways to Go Longer & Stronger video from Sinclair Institute is part of the Live Better Love Better series hosted by Allana Pratt; is sure to be another award winner. Another really great feature about Sinclair Institute’s Live Better Love Better video series is that it features five real life couples engaging in sexual pleasure not actors. I almost didn’t order this DVD, but I changed my mind at the last minute. I am so happy that I added Longer & Strong to my collection of educational Sinclair Institute videos. I found a new wealth of information to assist in getting my man to go longer and strong. Even though, the jacket cover states for those 40 years or older I think that all couples could benefit for this video. Ten ways to go Longer and Stronger has ten chapters which cover exercise, foreplay. Pumps, toys tantric sex, oral sex and techniques, various sexual positions, massages (one of my favorites with shin on skin full body massage), mutual masturbation and little get a ways. I just loved the Bonus features which shouldn’t be missed. There are 6 scenes which cover an array of stimulating possibilities from prostate stimulation to pegging and man scaping. Longer & Stronger is produced and filmed in a very professional manner. I am rating 10 Ways to Go Longer & Stronger five hearts. Ms Diva
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on 11/13/2012 10:51:18 PM
Manscaping and Prostate Stimulation Oh My
This is an instructional DVD that shares ways for men to go stronger and longer. This is not porn but it is visually stimulating and physically exciting. As always Sinclair Institute has done a tasteful and informative job of explaining various techniques and methods to help couples make it last. For those who are intimidated by porn yet are still looking for ways to spice things up or are in need of help making things last I highly recommend this video. It begins by suggesting a healthy amount of diet and exercise as a natural way to increase testosterone in guys. It then discusses massage, penis pumps, toys in general, oral sex, tantric positions, and masturbation. There were tons of special features but my favorites were the segments on prostate stimulation, manscaping (a personal essential in my book), and pegging. I think this is also a DVD more mature couples might find acceptable as everything about the DVD screams professional. I would recommend it for newbies and the more advanced couples alike. You can always learn something new as far as I am concerned.
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on 11/8/2012 12:01:44 AM
10 Easy and Fun Ways to Improve Your Sex Life
This video is hosted by the very likable, informative, and expressive Allana Pratt. It features some easy ways couples can work together to help the man go longer and stronger during sex. The DVD starts with things as simple diet and exercise as a way to increase testosterone in the male and having sex regularly to keep your body in practice. Other strategies include romantic techniques such as massage and sexting to stoke the fire of desire. Penis pumps, toys, and oral sex (good footage) are also featured as ways to “go stronger.” Positions, tantric sex, manual stimulation, and location are suggested means for “going longer.” While these topics are the broad areas, Allana has lots of little tips she shares throughout each vignette. This video is not porn, although it is quite explicit and at times arousing. It does serve as a great way to introduce the conversation about something that might not otherwise be easy to talk about. The fact that it is explicit by nature could also spark a lusty fire and lead to some fun while watching. Special Features include short info sessions on the topics of Pumping for Pleasure (Good), Prostate Heath & Stimulation (Better), Manscaping, Pegging for Pleasure (BEST!), and Male Vigor Supplements as well as a Behind the Scenes reel. These are all worth watching and have good information in easily digestible bites.
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on 1/1/2013 1:25:22 PM
One well made movie , great info , exciting too!
The movie 10 ways to go longer and stronger is one of a new series of movies from Sinclair. The narrator is not boring, the couples are real life , and the tools, toys and methods shown actually work. My wife and I being over 50 found this video invaluable . As you get older your body doesn't always perform like it did 20 years ago. For the adventurous the prostate play chapter is great. Men if you want to take your experience to a new level, give it a try. You will be hooked for life. The extra features alone are worth the price. The show you how the videos are made and they are quite funny. Do yourself a favor, buy this video.
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on 3/21/2016 3:01:16 PM
Great to learn some techniques to extend pleasure.
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