Playgirl: Sensual Ecstasy

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Playgirl: Sensual Ecstasy is one of our sexiest couples releases! A handsome boxer and his gorgeous girlfriend engage in steamy 69 and incredible intercourse in the ring. A hot femme photographer snaps a musclebound stud and a classy brunette as they experience raw sex on his motorcycle. After fellating her Greek god yoga instructor, a playful blonde reaches new sexual heights, achieving orgasm while straddling the standing stud. Discover why our reviewer adored this well-made, passionate film!


Feature Runtime: 90 Minutes
DVD Extras: 58 Minutes

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Customer Reviews - Playgirl: Sensual Ecstasy

What An Ecstasy!   

Miss. Missylips on September 8, 2011

What a "Hot Hot Hot" storyline for another great playgirl movie! A double's delight!
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Sensual Foreplay   

Mr. &amp; Mrs. Love in TX on March 17, 2010

When I order porn videos at I now choose from the collection of Playgirl. In the past I used to choose videos that did not interest to Mrs. Love because they were too rough, lesbian action, orgies and more. On the contrary, my wife really gets horny when watching Playgirl videos because they are made thinking on getting women aroused by spending more time on the kissing, touching, foreplay. As a man I get horny as well and it is a pleasure to watch them together with my wife. You won't see rough sex, but it is not soft-core either. It is a video made intended for couple's audience with the emphasis of attracting women to the porn media. This video includes 6 vignettes: "the boxer" a fan enjoys sex with a boxer, "motorcycle" two lovers enjoy making love on top of a motorcycle, "Yoga love" a student gets too much involved with her yoga teacher, and three more that you would definitely enjoy "Liquor delivery", "Game room" and "What of". If you are interested in getting your wife to enjoy porn videos this is the DVD to buy.
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Paced too slowly   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on December 30, 2008

The First Lady usually loves Playgirl videos because they are classy, well produced, and they seldom fail to put her in the mood for sex. She likes that the passion is believable, the situations are believable, the bodies are incredible, and they take plenty of time with foreplay, kissing, and sensual fondling. This one’s six vignettes met those criteria and they did get us aroused, although, to a lesser degree than the others we’ve seen by Playgirl. Nearly all of the vignettes seemed paced too slowly with one taking 13 minutes to get to the first penetration. The sets, costumes, and production values did not seem to be up to Playgirl’s standard. Several of the scenes used actors with huge tattoos and/or multiple body piercings, which was a slight turn-off for us. And several of the female actor’s breasts appeared to have been enhanced such that they didn’t even move during sex. All in all, still a great couples flick.
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