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Hottie homemakers and hunky husbands bring it on! A handsome CEO can’t wait to get home, scooping up his petite wife and treating her to accomplished cunnilingus. A horny, determined wife finally turns her overworked husband’s head with sexy lingerie and award winning fellatio. Moving into their new place, a mischievous brunette insists her studly spouse take her right atop the mattress they just dragged in. One thing’s for sure: these guys NEVER stray!
Feature Runtime: 107 Minutes
DVD Extras: 41 Minutes

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Customer Reviews - Playgirl's Hottest Housewives

What a Genre!   

Ms. Sexpot on September 4, 2011

These housewives know how to please there hunky hubbies, They don't just call this theme playgirl for nothing!!!
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