Playgirl: Uninhibited

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Playgirl: Uninhibited

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Playgirl: Uninhibited features hunks with no hangups! A massively built Chippendales bartender treats a delighted customer to oral experience atop the bar. A buff Latin heartthrob takes his beautiful lady in every position in the great outdoors. After sampling his cherry pie, a blonde diner engages in steamy intercourse with the restaurant's to die for owner right atop the counter. The gorgeous men keep on coming in this well-made, women and couples friendly release.
Feature Runtime: 99 Minutes
DVD Extras: 52 Minutes

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Customer Reviews - Playgirl: Uninhibited

Just missed five hearts for lack of diversity   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on January 27, 2010

In true Playgirl style, this video features truly handsome, well-built, and well-endowed men with beautiful, girl-next-door-type women. The women are beautiful, well-built, and arousing to be sure, yet they should not intimidate female viewers with body image issues. There are six individual vignettes that follow a theme but do not have a storyline. The sets, costumes, props, and lighting all combine to create believable scenarios that are shot with a real artistic flair. There is plenty of hot sex, although the pattern of fellatio, cunnilingus, front vaginal penetration, rear vaginal penetration, with only occasional changes in the order of events, becomes somewhat repetitious. The thing we like best is that the actors appear truly into each other and their focus is on tenderly pleasuring each other, not performing for the camera. There is lots of passionate kissing, fondling, breasts swaying, butts bouncing, and close-ups of tongues flicking, mouths and hands caressing, and penises thrusting that are hot but not corny or raunchy. Our favorite vignettes were Late Night Coffee (hang in there it’s the last one) and Sponge Worthy (one of the bonus scenes). Another great couples-friendly video that just missed five hearts for a slight lack of diversity.
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