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Breaking All Ties

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Don’t get mad, get even! AVN Starlet of the Year Gracie Glam discovers her husband and a curvy blonde screwing in the master bed. Throwing down the gauntlet, the beautiful brunette picks up 2 studs for torrid sandwich sex and later shares a corkscrew dildo with a comely cougar. After Gracie blows a built leather man, he penetrates the cuffed, willing cutie every which way but loose. Wifey’s winning and she’s just getting started! Feature: 93 minutes. DVD extras: 46 minutes.

Feature Runtime: 93 Minutes
DVD Extras: 46 Minutes

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Wicked Pictures




Wicked Pictures

Customer Reviews - Breaking All Ties

In a Cage?   

RockyLaFemme on November 21, 2012

I was totally excited to get my hands on Breaking All Ties as I am trying to branch out and I am totally on a bondage kick. When I first started watching the DVD I was a little concerned as Breaking All Ties seemed to be working with the standard porn formula. Until scene 3 which has a girl in a cage. Now cages are not my thing but hey it is kinda kinky so I thought this might be fetish quality after all. It really isn't but in 5th scene that there is some lite bondage play. Which I was really happy about. I thought the title of the flick screamed bondage I was clearly confused. But sadly the chick is just handcuffed to a chair sooo not exactly hard core. Aside from my confusion with the title there is nothing wrong with this DVD. Everyone is attractive, condoms are used and there are lots of money shots. I do believe this is the first flick I have seen with AVN Starlet of the Year Gracie Glam. She is very pretty and I must say her eye makeup was killing it. Sometimes I find eye makeup distracting in porn ;) Anyways there isn't much plot going on to get distracted with and it is not hardcore maybe 3 out of 4 flames. There is heterosexual sex, lesbian sex with a glass dildo, 2 guys +1 girl threesome, 2 girls + 1 guy threesome, and oral sex. All in all a good time with a bonus sex scene.
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She's HOT ~ Gracie Glam   

Ms Diva on October 1, 2012

Wicked Pictures has another winner in Breaking All Ties staring Gracie Glam and her supporting cast members. I must admit I this is the first Gracie Glam movie I think I have viewed. While this movie is tamer then I had expected it is still enjoyable. There are five vignettes ranging from heterosexual sex, lesbian sex, two guys and a girl, two girls and a guy, oral sex and just a little bondage play and sex toys. All the sex is of medium intensity so it isn’t exactly hardcore. There aren't any long strong story lines to follow so it is a slip it into the DVD player and enjoy while you watch flipping between vignettes as desired. I don’t really care for story lines in my sex videos if you have to focus to much attention on the plot instead of the visual sex. The camera work and angles are very good to excellent without being too much up close in your face. There are some money shots in Breaking All Ties. Very enjoyable without being hardcore. The vignettes seem short and fast moving with only 93 minutes in length plus the extras add another 46 minutes of enjoyment. Overall, I am rating Breaking All Ties four hearts and recommend it. Ms Diva
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