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Meet the future—corporate intrigue, beautiful androids, and porn galore in 2040! Real Dolls, Inc. supplies body perfect ‘roids to the adult industry. But when a renegade scientist creates Mira, a gorgeous fembot who thinks, feels, and is expert in erotic pleasure, those in power will do anything to get Mira, even commit murder. This captivating 3-hour feature sports state of the art production design, a large cast of “A” list performers, and scorching sex, from outrageous orgies to delicious anal intercourse—you'll wish that 2040 were here today!
Feature Runtime: 175 Minutes


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on 4/26/2010 12:00:00 AM
A new twist
After seeing 2040 previewed on another movie, we were looking forward to the apparent newness that it would offer. While the diversity was great as it had scenes of male/female, 2 guys one girl, 2 girls one guy, large group, and girl on girl; most of the actual positions involved were not new. I would almost call this nerd porn because you have droids and the futuristic setting. We enjoyed the movie, but because of its lack of originality in the sexual positions in the individual scenes, I'll give this 4 instead of 5 hearts. I think the award winning group sex scene at the end is probably worth the cost of the movie though. That's good stuff.
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on 2/12/2010 11:37:47 AM
Hot futuristic sex!
Wicked's new flick, 2040, isn't just another futuristic look into the future of porn. It's more than that! That's because the compelling storyline is brought to life by some really good acting skills. It's also believable. The story is based off of a futuristic super bug that prevents sexual contact due to the risk of spreading the disease. This leads to the creation of an alternative to human-human encounters. This is where Alektra Blue takes center stage and provides an outstanding performance! Practically the entire Wicked cast is used throughout this film and they all provided a great performance worth commending! Mira didn't even blink when she was powered down! There's a huge variety of sex scenes that are not overly long and there's some real heat shining through. The lighting is also varied but contains mostly darker scenes as seems to be the case with futuristic porn flicks. There are no obstructions to the great camera angles though! This is a four disk set with the feature film consisting of just one disk. The other three are packed with extras ranging from bonus scenes to the making of. There's even an entire Wicked sampler disk to give you a taste of what their other titles have to offer! It's just an all around fantastic boxed set that would make a perfect addition to any collection whether your single or in a relationship. You won't be disappointed! This one is sure to be a favorite of ours for quite some time!
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on 1/12/2010 8:43:47 PM
The future is sexy!
"2040" by Wicked Pictures is a delightfully different adult film. First of all, the women are hot; Wicked has one of, if not the best, collection of divas in the business. If you have a phenomenal cast and add a little story, you can create an entertaining film. Wicked does just that with "2040". The premise of "2040", is that sex between humans has ceased for the most part as a result of a widespread communicable disease. Masturbation became the method of choice when seeking pleasure. This led to the need for more pornography and to the evolution of the sexbot. The story involves Mira, the most technologically advanced robot, and the desire to obtain her which includes industrial espionage, deceit and murder. Let’s be honest, the acting is not very good, but who really cares if you are entertained. The only part that really took away from the movie was an all out orgy that seemed to be inserted (pun intended) for no other reason than to have an orgy in the middle of a movie. I was left at the end of the scene asking myself and Mrs. Allure, “Where did that come from?” The "2040" set has 4 discs which includes the feature film, a digital copy, hours of bonus features and a Wicked sampler. This set is definitely worth it.
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