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Bree Exposed

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The blonde next door bares all in Bree Exposed!


Cute as a button Bree Olson, her hot gal pals and several dashing men deliver no holes barred sex. Bree plays with herself while a suited stud watches, penetrating Bree in several sweaty positions. A luscious brunette experiences intoxicating backdoor intercourse, reaching a screaming, squirting orgasm. Not to be outdone, Bree fulfills her anal desire, taking on an even bigger stud. Elegant production values + scorching sex = must have!

Feature Runtime: 116 Minutes
DVD Extras: 74 Minutes


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Brand: Adam & Eve Pictures
Genre : Star Vehicle
Star: Bree Olson
Studio: Adam & Eve

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on 12/26/2012 11:45:46 AM
Very Good
Besides the beautiful Bree, many splendid ladies.
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on 4/2/2010 12:00:00 AM
A collection of hot moments
We watched Bree Exposed together as soon as we opened up our package. We both liked that, if you're not a die hard Bree Olson fan, you have more starlets to choose from. All around, every editing element was well executed, and there is no disc space wasted on plot progression. It is jammed with sex, sex and more sex. We would give it 5 out of 5, but there was no one moment that stands out as extraordinary. It is very good, and if you're a Bree Olson fan, it is indeed a solid collection of great Bree style sex. For us, we enjoyed it, and will watch it again, but it is just not in our top 5 favorites.
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on 3/12/2010 12:00:00 AM
Raw, natural and VERY Hot!
There is no plot or elaborate sets to get in the way of the amazing sex that defines Bree Exposed. This film is exquisitely shot to deliver great visuals of explicit, raw and very hot sex between beautiful natural ladies and their lovers. The men are well hung, muscular and good looking. The women are hot and very natural looking, which is super sexy. What we like about this film (and Bree's College Daze 2) is how vocal the girls are. There isn't a lot of cheesy porn music muddying up the soundtrack. You get lots of dirty talk, lots of encouragement and directions, and lots of orgasmic noisemaking. Something else that is important to us is getting a sense that everyone is really into what they are doing on screen. You definitely get that feeling from this movie. All the actors seem to have chemistry with each other and are truly enjoying getting off. As a caution to some viewers, while the action is always hot, it at times gets intense (a little rough). If you don't like spanking or assertive play, you may not like this. If you do….this film brings it. You also get a little foot fetish, some squirting, girl-with-girl action, and lots of anal. Our ONLY complaint with this movie is that there isn't enough Bree in it (only two scenes…three if you count the bonus scene!). Not that we would have cut any of the scenes out, we just would have liked to have more added! The DVD also has lots of extra features including a blooper reel that is actually funny, a photo gallery, behind the scenes and a digital download. We highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a movie that is wall to wall high-quality, hot, raw and explicit sex.
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on 3/9/2010 12:00:00 AM
It will make you sweat!
Bree Exposed is a sizzling hot. There are five featured scenes of pure erotic hot sex, no story lines to muddle up the film or drag on just visual sexual erotica. Men and some women will enjoy this production for that reason. The scenes are varied in content and run the gambit from heterosexual intercourse, alternative intercourse options, oral sex and girl/ girl sex and dildos. Great camera angles and production values. We liked the close up shots and of course Bree's vocalization. All the scenes were very hot, steamy and purely enjoyable to watch. It will make you sweat. Bree Exposed runs about two hours with an addition seventy some minutes of behind the scene footage, that is a must see. Bree is always a delight to watch and we both like watching her in action. This is a sizzling hot feature to add to your collection. Five hearts for Bree Exposed. Ms Diva
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on 2/16/2010 4:38:36 PM
Hot Sexual Madness...
'Bree Exposed' from Adam and Eve Studio is 2 hours of steamy, sweaty and enjoyably noisy sex. Directed by Andre Madness this has no plot, lots of nasty dialogue, awesome sex and, great music! The sets are minimal. Leather furniture and little else. Bree Olson is the main attraction and she gives “Uh oh!” a whole new connotation ...Each full length scene stands on its own. Dildos (in the girl/girl scene), lots of anal, some foot fetish, squirting and impressive deep throat action are some of the highlights. This is not just for men, ladies. I really loved how the men were dressed and of course, how they looked and behaved undressed...The women are more natural and enthusiastic. There are exceptional and different camera angles, as well as creatively placed b&w shots and gorgeous lighting. Extras incl: scene selection option, bonus scene, 'behind the scenes' footage, artsy photos, bloopers and some decent interviews. This is one of the best 'no plot' movies I've seen in a while.
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