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Candida Royalle's Eyes of Desire

Item# 1738
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Candida Royalle's Eyes of Desire Features

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Length: 96 minutes

Blonde and beautiful Lisa, bored with her nerdy boyfriend, decides to explore her hidden erotic side. She begins by using her telescope to spy on several spectacular sexual encounters. Lisa sees everything from a wild brunette donning latex and seducing her TV-obsessed beau to an angry wife demanding cunnilingus after catching her hubby wearing her garments! But when another 'scope starts returning her gaze, Lisa embarks on a splendid adventure of her own. She finds herself being schooled by a mysterious stranger in the fine art of submission. Add superb photography and exquisite performers to this couples-oriented video from award-winning director Candida Royalle, and you have a must-see!



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Customer Reviews - Candida Royalle's Eyes of Desire

Good Movie   

Webjunkie on July 13, 2012

We have four Candida movies. This is one of the better ones. Not over the top, but still steamy. Written like a romance novel about a voyeur.
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Best Candida   

Basset lover on October 27, 2011

Best couple movie we have. Good acting, good plot. Grab some wine, get naked, and hug your lover.
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Not Bad   

smikkas on October 20, 2011

This is definitely a good movie if you like voyeur type movies. There are a couple of really good scenes. The movie is a bit dated now but is a good movie for couples. It is especially good if your lady has a fantasy about being watched. You can now find this DVD at a cheaper price here which makes it a good deal.
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More of a Beginner Movie   

Mr. &amp; Mrs. Goodlovin on April 5, 2010

Eyes of Desire is not your standard porno. The sex scenes featured attractive performers in mostly realistic situations. We always feel that most movie sex scenes are too contrived or elaborate so this was a refreshing change. We were also thankful for the absence of the "money shot" that seems to conclude every movie sex scene these days. However, the scenes were a little too tame to really get us excited. The story is interesting, following a woman who takes to watching her neighbors' sex lives through a telescope before being drawn into her own steamy situation. But the film felt like it could provide more depth and investment in the characters which would have rounded out the overall feeling the movie tries to project. We would recommend Eyes of Desire as a good movie for couples who are just adding pornography to the bedroom, but not for more experienced couples.
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A good warm-up movie.   

Mr. and Mrs. Southern Comfort on February 10, 2010

Eyes of Desire is a great couple’s film. Candida Royalle has done a great job of balancing hot and steamy sex with intimacy and sensuality. You can tell that the actors are into each other and having a great time. Eyes of Desire has a fairly decent plot line as well. This is the story of Lisa who reluctantly finds herself drawn to watching others’ bedroom activities. The hottest scene is saved for the end when Lisa and her admirer meet up for some passionate sex in front of the fireplace. Much of the focus of this film is on the woman’s pleasure rather than the “money shot.” There is quite a bit of spicy talk and very passionate sex. It is not tame; it is just not over the top. This is a great film for couples to watch together because there is enough in it to get both partners’ motors running.
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Left me hanging   

HSSweethearts on January 18, 2010

Eyes of Desire is not a typical adult movie. It has some strong points including an intriguing plot, attractive actors and actresses, and different settings for each scene. But it has just as many flaws including not being well acted, being on the shorter end of the spectrum at only 75 minutes, and being very predictable. All scenes are either solo play or a man/woman couple. The sex scenes were intriguing, but nothing here really got my engine revving. It left me wanting something more than it could provide. The last scene was enough to kick this one up from 2 hearts to 3 as phone sex turns into steamy, male-dominate intercourse, but beyond that, Eyes of Desire held nothing new for me.
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Erotic Voyeurism   

Clearance &amp; Candy on January 11, 2010

Desire is filmed in the 80’s; I was instantly in my comfort zone. I enjoyed the actor’s unpolished appearance reminiscent of the 80’s looks. We were pleasantly surprised with our passion for the couple of nights we spent with Eyes of Desire. This DVD earns a good rating for providing really sensual entertainment. The main character Lisa is a photographer who is longing for more, yet she doesn’t know what she is longing for. While trying to figure it out, she stays at a friend’s home in a valley where everyone can see each other, though their windows via telescopes, if you have one. The first scene almost made us turn off the movie as the couple kind of turned us off, thankfully things picked up a lot. The main Character Lisa a thin blond quickly becomes engrossed in watching others through their windows via the Telescope. The dialog scenes seem a little long for the guys, if you’re just looking for porn sex. This would be a great Porn DVD to step up to after exploring the Better Sex Series of DVD’s for couples. This Story line continues creating a very erotic story that is sure to warm that wonderful place between your lover’s thighs. So be patient guys, selecting this DVD just might help you step up to something a little faster paced for you in the future. We really enjoyed the passionate and romantic love scenes in this film and would recommend this movie for those that want a little romance and entertainment with their erotic entertainment.
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Interesting couples movie...   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on January 6, 2010

“Eyes of Desire” from director Candida Royalle and Femme Productions, is a film geared for couples or those who want to see a movie with an interesting storyline with lovely and sexually talented actors. Another plus, the camera angles are more discreet. There is a lot of sexual action and chemistry. There are fewer ‘in your face’ fellatio and cunnilingus shots. Younger and older pairings make this film fun to watch. The acting isn’t top notch, but if you enjoy voyeurism, exhibitionism, submission, domination, phone sex and wonder about seeing a man in alternative clothing this is a movie to consider! The DVD starts without having to fast forward through (sex line) ads, which I always appreciate. Extras incl: photo gallery, outtakes, scene selection option and informative comments from Candida. I recommend this title for couples, for some spark and discussion.
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too much talk not enough action   

maire56 on October 13, 2007

Missy is very good at what she does. She never looks or acts like she is faking anything. Just listening to her will get you very aroused. This movie was okay, the final sex scene is the best. The rest are okay. Nothing to write home about
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