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This epic-style Sex Video is set on the high seas and follows the escapades of Blackheart's infamous pirate crew. It's a story of thievery, jealousy, pillaging, plundering, dueling, mutiny and revenge. Things really get going when two wenches attempt to hide their goodies, disguise themselves as men (not an easy task) and stowaway on Blackheart's ship. What makes this especially worthy of epic-movie status are the two amazing orgies, one of which takes place on a tropical island with a festival of hula dancers, fine drink and music to set the mood. The acting, music, filming, fight scenes, high-seas footage and costumes are fabulous. The beautiful lasses in this one put out with fervor, and the grateful pirate crew responds in kind.
Sex Video Length: 110 minutes

Customer Reviews - Conquest

Jenna is Great!   

Webjunkie on February 19, 2011

Its a plot based movie starring Jenna Jameson. She is very good in this one, and I prefer her Wicked movies more. For a pirate themed movie it was quite well done, given it came out many years before DP's Pirates. A bit grainy at times, but the quality of production is generally very good. Its a keeper in my books. For a couples movie, it passes the test for not being over the top.
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Good but a little disappointing   

The Playful Couple on August 30, 2008

Being a Jenna Jameson fan, I expected a lot from this one. Unlike many of today's movies, it is very much a plot driven picture. With heavy emphasis on character developement, it falls short with the sex scenes and production. Don't get me wrong, it won many awards for good reason. It was a big budget for it's time, and it appears to have been filmed some time ago. The picture quality is rather grainy and not too much to look at. I feel that good lighting and great camera angles are almost as important in sex scenes as the action going on. I found this movie to be plagued with horribly dark sets, and badly placed cameras. There is a ton of hot action that takes place where you can't see it. Through all of this there is much that you do see. Personally, I'm not a big fan of group sex scenes. Trust me, there are more 3+ person scenes than you can shake a stick at. Not my cup of tea so to speak, but none the less, hot. The acting is laughable at best, but that is to be expected from adult movies. Taking all of this into consideration, I can't give the movie high marks. It may be great for some, but for me, it fell very short of what my expectations lead me to hope for.
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Pirate Fantasy   

maire56 on February 22, 2008

This is a great all-around movie...fantastic sex has a little for every favorite scene was the 3rd sex scene with the two pirate wench stowaways pleasing each other...they use a strand of pearl beads in a very arousing way...great camera shots of this, it is very arousing for all of you anal sex fans...also the 2nd sex scene was great : also for you anal fans...lotsa anal f***ing here...and with Missy in this scene...makes it even better. All you have to do is listen to her as the pirates give her a great anal f**k. Missy is one of my favorite porn stars...You can never go wrong if she is in the cast....plot was a little vague but who cares...the sex was hot and arousing...
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Excellent Movie   

Anonymous on July 21, 2005

This is a great movie. My wife and I watched this and she enjoyed many scenes. Great production for an adult movie.
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