Eyes Of Desire 2
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In Eyes of Desire 1, Lisa searches for something more meaningful in her life and discovers the thrill of voyeurism, becoming entranced by a mysterious man in a deserted estate. In Eyes of Desire 2, Lisa's world becomes consumed by this dark, sensous man. Daniel Parish takes her to heights of sexual passion she never before experienced. But as she comes closer and closer to her own erotic limits she is forced to make a very painful choice. Is it possible to surrender to intense passion without losing yourself to another?

Feature Runtime: 71 Minutes


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on 7/3/2010 12:00:00 AM
Hot Sex, Not much Plot
Eyes of Desire 2 was a nice film. I've heard a lot about Candida Royale's films being great for women and usually having a good storyline, but the only one I've experienced in the past was Studhunters which had a great plot and hot sex. This movie fell short of what I expected from Candida Royale productions. The movie does start off with a around-ten minute "flashblack" that summarizes what happened in the first movie, so the sequel does make a lot more sense. However, I feel like all of the exciting parts happened in the first movie. In Eyes of Desire 2, there's very small amounts of story and lots of softcore sex. Basically, a guy across the street uses a telescope to see into the main character's window, and they end up starting a love affair. The sex scenes are relatively sexy - they mostly consist of him taking a dominant approach and her taking the submissive role in both anal and vaginal sex. There aren't any close-ups which was much appreciated, and the sex seemed to be enjoyed by both parties. What I really felt let down on was the storyline. Basically, it consisted of her having sex with the guy with some "oh no! I have real-life to attend to" and flashing back to the sex they just had. I was hoping for more out of the storyline, but the sex itself was actually pretty hot. If you are looking for a neat plot, Eyes of Desire 1 seems to have a better plot, but if you are looking for lots of hot sex, Eyes of Desire 2 seems to be a good bet.
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on 5/28/2010 12:00:00 AM
Finally a movie focused on women
This is the first movie we have seen in a long time that focuses on the woman's perspective of sex. Eye of Desire 2 does a good job at showing what a woman wants and desires during a sexual encounter. Jes was really into seeing the desire that the women were displaying in the movie, rather than just having the women moaning and yelling like in most porno movies. There are not a lot of close up shots in this movie, but it does a great job of portraying the sexual encounters. The actresses and actors are good looking, not perfect, but we think that adds to the realism of the movie. This is not an armature movie by any stretch either. It is done very professionally and we will be watching it over and over again, just for the woman's enjoyment and to see the needs and desires of the woman being pleasured.
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on 4/27/2010 12:00:00 AM
Nice Shooting
This movie started out pretty good. Since I have not seen part 1 and it did have a recap of that movie to let you know where things left off. This was a plus so you are not lost through out part 2. The budget for the film was middle of the road and the scenes were shot very well. The actors were by far not the worst I have seen but they were also not the most attractive. This movie states that it is made for woman but my wife was not very pleased with it. The movie was a little over a soft core porn movie, there were not many close up shot of the sex but many people do like that just as we look to purchase these movies that happens to be what we are looking for. Overall I give this movie 3 stars as it had a good plot and the voyeur parts are nice to watch.
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