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Hot Chocolate features beautiful black performers in slamming, sizzling vignettes! A dapper club owner pleasures two fine women, penetrating both with his impressive equipment. A stunning farmer's wife does her enormously hung husband right out on the front porch. After going down on each other in the locker room, an Asian cheerleader and her cocoa gal pal take the star basketball player in all of their inviting openings. The action's just beginning in this well-made, sexually intense release!
Feature Runtime: 101 Minutes
DVD Extras: 95 Minutes


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Wicked Pictures


Wicked Pictures

Customer Reviews - Hot Chocolate

a little too lukewarm for me   

maire56 on February 27, 2009

This is a mild porn feature. The feature consist of short features of various scenarios w/ black couples or interracial couples hence the title Hot Chocolate. I enjoy more hard-core films. In this feature, Hot Chocolate: cast only performs the more acceptable forms of sex between a man and a woman. The actors and actresses were very hot. The men were just out of this world sexy. Awesome bodies. So if you are looking for just a little jolt this feature is for you.
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this DVD is off the hook   

MixCoca on September 4, 2008

Hot chocolate is a good DVD to add to any adult DVD collection. It is full of scenes Black White and Latino people getting busy in all types of different scenarios like the club, the jungle, and the desert. Some of the scenes in this DVD I found to be a little stereotypical, being an African American myself seeing a black man and woman in tattered clothing on a farm serving lemonade to each other, I did not know weather to be offended or turned on by it. To tell you the truth I was kind of turned on by it plus the man in that scene had a penis of a god and that helped out a lot. The only thing I did not like about this DVD is it has no plot or talking scenes. Now a man would love this film because it gets right to the point but for a woman it needs more of a plot and people actual talking to each other than just saying hello then having sex. Over all good film I would recommend it as a tool to get you off, if you know what I mean.
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