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jessica's favorites

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Leggy jessica drake treats you to her personal best in ten scenes of sizzling superstar sex in jessica's favorites. Could anything be steamier?
Feature Runtime: 130 Minutes

Better Sex Reel Review
This compilation devoted to Wicked contact girl Jessica Drake sports great production values, very attractive performers, and inventive sex scenes showcasing much variety. The comp contains ten scenes, all culled from top of the line Wicked releases. The first half of the DVD ends with a sizzling lesbian fourway involving tough Jessica and three other bounty hunting dames given to wearing strap-ons. The comp ends with Jessica bathing crossover star Stormy before doing the blonde superstar in a candlelit room.

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Wicked Pictures


Wicked Pictures

Customer Reviews - jessica's favorites

Jessica oh Jessica   

on January 21, 2009

This is the BEST DVD I we have gotten so far. Scene after scene after scene. Hot steamy one after another. Not much of a storyline just ACTION ! You will not be disappointed if you just want action after action.
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A little bit of everything   

The Joneses on November 1, 2008

I have a very low attention span. I like seeing different stars, scenarios, and scenes. This movie is just that. Jessica has multiple partners in an array of scenes ranging from hot lesbians to group sex to science fiction based. There are some of the most interesting “money shots” that I have ever seen in this DVD. You almost can’t wait to see what they’re going to do in the next clip. If you get bored easily and find yourself fast forwarding a lot, then this would be the perfect selection for you since there is no plot! This one is definitely worth the price because it is high quality and it grabs your attention. You just can’t put a price on that! If there is one thing I don’t like, it is the use of condoms in every scene. For some reason, it bothers me to see condoms in porn movies. ~ The Joneses
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Wicked Good...   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on October 20, 2008

Jessica Drake is the lovely, athletic star of 10 scenes in this compilation DVD from Wicked Pictures. Each scene is varied in co–stars and theme. There’s girl on girl, threesomes, great cunnilingus, toys and fellatio with numerous men. If you’re a fan of Jessica you will probably truly enjoy this movie. I was especially intrigued with the creative use of: a men’s tie, a large clear umbrella, and well, metal – used in a futuristic scene. Have you ever fantasized about having sex in a theatre? I must mention a fabulous pair of animal print boots in another scene! The camera shots are excellent as well as the lighting, makeup and costumes. The scene selection option includes a ‘pop shot’ recap option. The extras are primarily Wicked Pictures company info and sex talk lines. No ‘behind the scenes’ interviews, or previews. Two hours of wicked beauty…
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Not much to it but the sex, Hot Sex...   

The Playful Couple on October 10, 2008

Jessica’s Favorites is a solid addition to any Jessica Drake enthusiast’s library. She is extremely sexy, and seems to enjoy what she does very much. As with most Wicked Pictures films, Jessica’s Favorites is very clean, well lit, nicely directed, and almost flawless in production. The synopsis of this movie is, Jessica has gathered eleven of her favorite scenes, and put them into a compilation for re-release. Each scene is nicely done, with only a few overall quirks. Most compilation movies carry a problem with generating a good flow of action. Each scene is an abrupt change with no segway. When one scene finishes, it fades to black, and a new scene starts, with the name of the film it was captured from, and the names of the performers. Beyond that, the flow is pretty good. There is no plot, script, or general point to the movie. So, nobody can say they are watching this movie for any reason other than for sexual gratification. There’s a good mix of action. There are lesbian scenes, multiple men with one woman scenes, light bondage and futuristic fetish scenes, two girl – one guy scenes, and more. Jessica’s Favorites is a solid adult movie, with a little bit of everything Jessica Drake does on film. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys watching Jessica Drake, Wicked Pictures, or just wants a movie with a lot of sex scenes, and no dialogue.
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