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More Bang For The Buckxxx

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More Bang For The Buckxxx

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More Bang for the Buckxxx is one helluva bargain--over 4 hours of explosive sex! An experienced stud anally penetrates a petite beauty atop his hot rod’s hood. 6 stunning women play in the great outdoors, sharing double-headed dildos in all inviting openings. While a busty brunette deliciously blows her bosses, her hot blonde assistant takes it d.p. style from the chairmen of the board. The hits just keep on coming in this scorching collection!

Feature Runtime: 245 Minutes
DVD Extras: 32 Minutes


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Adam & Eve


Adam & Eve Pictures

Customer Reviews - More Bang For The Buckxxx

Bang up hot sex scenes   

Ms Diva on October 14, 2010

More Bang for the BuckXXX just packed full of sex. Heterosexual and lesbian sex scenes and oral sex, use of dildos and vibrators, anal play with dildos and money shots. There are no storylines to this film just sex scene after sex scenes. This film runs over four hours so stopping and starting are scenes of choice is not a problem. Great film for guys and couples alike. There are some terrific lesbian scenes that not every woman will find appealing but they are hot in our opinion. I rate this one to be medium to high sexual intensity. Great addition to any adult film collection. I have to give this one a high rating of the five. Ms Diva
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Action, Action, Action   

stejes on September 21, 2010

If you are into swinging, or have ever dreamed or fantasized about partner swapping, this is the movie to watch. this movie is straight up sex, sex, sex. There is partner swapping in almost every scene. If people are not swapping, they are having sex in the same room with multiple couples. There is no way someone can watch this movie once and see everything. We have watched this movie a half dozen times already and we are still seeing things that we missed the first tries watching it. There are sex positions in this movie that we had never thought of before and it is great fun to try them out ourselves. We can't help but let our fantasies run wild after watching this movie, we are looking forward to a sequel to this one for sure.
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Truth in Advertising!   

Clearance and Candy on September 5, 2010

More Bang for the BuckXXX from Adam and Eve Pictures lives up to its Title. This video starts and ends with lesbian group gropes and sandwiched in between is 100% group sex. There are some scenes that almost seem tame with two couples apart and others with multiple partners swapping and enjoying each other in every possible way. More Bang for the BuckXXX has a little something for everyone with everything from frolicking fairies to a stiff military send off. There is so much naked flesh in a few scenes you can't possibly see everything that is happening even if you watch more than once. If you must have More Bang for the BuckXXX this video is a great buy, even if you skip some scenes there is so much raw sex in this that you will feel you got your money's worth. We watched this video 3 times so far and have had at least a dozen orgasms each. Candy was even inspired by a hot scene to try a new anal position that is still giving Clearance wood days later. You and your lover can't help but live out some of your multiple partner sex fantasies when watching More Bang for the BuckXXX from Adam and Eve Pictures. We recommend this Sex DVD for the more adventurous couples.
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