Nina Hartley's Guide to Stripping For Your Partner
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Learn how to entice your lover in this informative, super sexy release! Superstar Nina Hartley guides you through the art of the striptease. Discover how to choose the right music, set the mood, and give a preshow that will make your partner wild with desire. Nina provides instructions for both women and men, and you’ll delight in sizzling scenarios that begin with stripping and end in intense sexual gratification. School’s in session!
Feature: 76 minutes. DVD extras: 69 minutes.
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Shot in the Hartley-Greene loft, the flick opens with Nina and co-host Justine Joli talking about how much fun stripping can be, especially when doing such for your loved one.  The two women discuss the health benefits of dancing and the rules that the amateur needs to know before putting on his or her own performance.  The point is to warm up before sex by offering the pre-show before the main act.The art of stripping is demonstrated in two scenes.  In the first, Nina dances in her negligee for Marco Banderas, and she notes that one needs to pick music that is really loved so as to propel oneself past shyness. The number escalates into 69, vaginal intercourse, and anal intercourse. For the second demo, Evan Stone poses and teases Marie Luv as she sits on the couch.  The stripping is a little silly but does make the point that if they can look silly, so can we.

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on 12/2/2008 12:18:57 PM
Was expecting more
When we first saw this DVD we thought great just what we were looking for. Mr. Blaze loves to watch me strip even though I haven't done it in forever as it can be intimidating. The video is informative at first by explaining the differences between different types of stripping and the ways to strip seductivly for your partner. It is good in the sense that they show how both partners should strip but we expected the video to show more ways of stripping, music selection and types of clothing to wear but instead they put in two full sex scenes. If we wanted to see that we would watch an adult film not an educational film.
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on 11/5/2008 5:12:05 AM
Somewhat educational.
This video is educational to an extent. Nina and Justine discuss the differences between stripping in a club versus stripping for your lover. Clubs have a no touching the dancers policy while anything goes when dancing for your lover. This 13 minute introduction is very informative by giving viewers ideas and tips as well as defining what stripping for your lover is all about. In the second scene, Nina demonstrates some techniques and moves one can use in their performance. This is followed by a sex scene that is not very educational, but fun to watch. After a brief halfway commentary directed mainly to men as dancers, Evan Stone does a short demo of stripping with his velcro pants (something all guys have in their closets right) and all. Another non-educational sex scene follows this demonstration. Then there is a very short conclusion. In short, if you want instruction, only about 35 minutes are worth watching. This DVD also includes, a picture gallery, a bonus sex scene from ‘Brat School’, a 32 minute behind the scene featurette, a phone sex commercial, and 3 trailers.
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on 10/23/2008 5:48:34 PM
Stripping and good Sex!
The Nina Hartley's Guide to Stripping for Your Partner DVD had some instruction, a little bit of show how and a lot of sex for her and us! It’s easy to see how much stripping for each other will turn up the heat and get us moving (you know sex is great exercise and a whole lot funnier than running a mile). If I can just get Clearance a little rhythm he can move too without looking like a 5 year old (not a dancer!) LOL. I was expecting more show how, but still a good instructional DVD. Nina would start out with some good skills you should try, and then she would start to show you how it works with her partner-I haven’t tried it myself yet, you know the whole showboat thing with the music and extra fun items to take off, but I’m working up the courage to do it all the way. I’m searching for the right music, the right outfit and good warm night for me to take it off nice and slow with a real show for Clearance. I really think it will be fun to add this exciting skill to my tool box. If it ends with great sex it can’t be bad! Candy
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