Operation Desert Stormy

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As one of the largest productions to date, this Wicked Pictures' blockbuster has it all! Action... Romance... Drama... Suspense... and even a little bit of Comedy! Okay, a whole lot of comedy! Join award winning writer/director Stormy Daniels as she leads you on a wild and hilarious adventure. With the head of the CIA (Randy Spears) presumed dead and word of an impending terrorist attack lead by the evil Hussein (Ron Jeremy), the fate of the world rests in the hands of two unlikely and extremely unskilled heroes.

Do a secretary (Stormy Daniels) and her wannabe agent husband (Steven St. Croix) have what it takes to put aside their numerous marital issues and travel overseas to put an end to Hussein's quest for total world domination... and his ridiculous get rich quick ideas? With the help of two no-nonsense British agents Jacks and Watson, some embark on a sex-crazed and explosion-filled expedition into hostile territory. Will Operation Desert Stormy be a success and our "heroes" save the world ... or will we all be wearing turbans?
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This ambitious, three-hour comedic spy thriller may have numbers occurring sometimes 20 minutes apart, but what is on screen is genuinely funny at times and the plentiful bonus disks make up for the often short and widely spaced numbers. The comic storyline involves a feuding married couple, Rachel (Stormy Daniels) and George (Steven St. Croix), who both work for a CIA type organization. Rushing to a country that seems to be Iran, Rachel and George feud with two British secret agents before the four join forces. At the sheik’s palace, Rachel and George save the day from nuclear destruction despite their constant bickering. George and Rachel are feted back at CIA headquarters—she is promoted to agent; he is promoted up the ranks but they ditch the party to go home and make love. Sheik Ron Jeremy’s house really does look like an Islamic palace. There are also genuine camels, lots of realistic fighting and gunfire, and even a jeep that is blown up with a launch rocket by Steven St. Croix.


As for the sex, the eight scenes in the feature are inventive, hot, if too short. There’s a good number at a resort involving M type figure Randy Spears and Kaylani Lei, a good lesbian scene in which two concubines insert toys in each other’s anuses, and a very steamy encounter between the two British male agents and four of sheik Jeremy’s concubines.
Don't Miss the Sequel...
Operation Tropical Stormy, Wicked Pictures Adult DVD
Operation Tropical Stormy
In the follow up to the award-winning and smash hit Operation Desert Stormy, writer/director/star Stormy Daniels is back with another hilarious, action-packed; sex-filled adventure!

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It is great   

Anonymous on January 26, 2009

Stormy can take a big guy!
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