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Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge

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Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge Features

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Winner of 13 AVN Awards Including Best Video Feature of 2009!

Better Sex brings you the highly anticipated sequel to Pirates...Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge!

Even more booty than the original, the 4-DVD set features 10 hours of swashbuckling action PLUS 8 hours of bonus material. Stars dozens of beautiful wenches including Sasha Grey, Katsuni, Brianna Love, Belladonna and many more! To save their friend’s life, pirate hunters Evan Stone & Jesse Jane have to attack an invincible Asian Pirate Queen Katsuni and save a stolen pearl. The problem is that their pirate ally Belladonna can’t be trusted and that the evil Tommy Gunn isn’t as dead as everyone thought! Packed with an adventure-filled story, hilarious wisecracks, great special effects and extreme sex, this is the must-have adult movie of the year!
*Bluray Disc Set includes 2 discs with same content features as the 4-DVD set.
Other AVN Awards include: Best Actor - Evan Stone, Best Art Direction, Best DVD Extras, Best Editing, Best High Definition Production, Best Makeup, Best Overall Marketing Campaign, Best Screenplay, Best Special Effects, Best Supporting Actor - Ben English, Best Supporting Actress - Belladonna, Best Videography.
Feature Runtime: 138 Minutes
DVD Extras: Over 8 Hours!
Better Sex Reel Review
It doesn’t get any better than this.  The big-budget sequel to the incredibly successful Pirates features a captivating storyline, magnificent production values and f/x, astoundingly good acting, and ten sex scenes that are sizzling.  In addition, the three stoked bonus discs work to create a running time of nearly 10 hours! The exciting narrative finds insecure pirate hunter Captain Edward Reynolds and first mate Jules trying to get a British governor in the Caribbean colonies to pardon their friend Serena from treasonable actions.After all, it was Serena’s derring do that destroyed the villainous pirate Stagnetti in the first film.  Also trying to clear her sister’s name is the brave Olivia, an expert swordswoman who once plundered and killed alongside the evil Stagnetti. As for the sex scenes, there are ten inventive numbers that are well incorporated into the storyline and interspersed evenly throughout the two plus hours running time.  Among those numbers is a searing eight-person orgy that Captain Edward watches in a tent on the pirate island. Some mention should be made of the bonus discs.  The first disc features extended versions of the ten numbers seen in the film, a great extra as most of the scenes in the film are somewhat shorter than usual.  There’s also a great bonus number involving a lesbian threeway.    
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Complete the collection with the original...
Our lusty PIRATES explode with guns-a-blazin' action in this high budget, beautifully done adult movie from Better Sex! Carmen Luvana seeks lusty romance and vengeance!


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Customer Reviews - Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge

“We’re going to need a **** load of Chow Mein”   

Mr. & Mrs. Goodlovin on March 8, 2009

The second Pirates movie certainly lives up to the first. It was non-stop entertainment with a terrific storyline, great acting (did I really just say that about a porn?), and intense sex scenes. Evan Stone reprised his role as Captain Edward Reynolds and delivered a hilarious performance. Jesse Jane returns as his first mate Jules who attempts to keep Edward out of trouble and his ego in check. The flow and theme of the first Pirates movie is alive and well in the sequel thanks mostly to those returning performers from the first. All of the sex scenes feature beautiful performers such as Jesse Jane, Shay Jordan and Katsuni who engage in a wide variety of acts. In fact, it may be too wide of a variety. Many of the sex scenes had little introduction and seemed to jump about a lot. We lost count around 12 distinct positions used in one scene after only 2 minutes! We felt like the movie was trying to clock going from zero to sixty-nine in 4.5 seconds. This isn’t a drag race here people. But one advantage to this was the movie never felt like it was getting old or stale. Even at over 2 ¼ hours long, Mrs. Goodlovin and I watched the entire movie without feeling bored as we do with many mainstream stroke ‘em and poke ‘em flicks. Overall Pirates II kept a good pace with excellent balance between an entertaining storyline and numerous hot sex scenes.
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A sinking sequel   

on November 12, 2008

We loved the first movie and were very excited when we purchased the second. This sequel has beautiful women and tons of sex but almost every scene is choppy. We noticed that one minute someone would be fully dressed and the next frame she was getting it hardcore without any build up whatsoever. If you enjoy anal then you will like this movie, we are not huge fans of it so we fast forwarded a few scenes. The "sister" of the good guys cannon man is annoying and should have been left on the cutting room floor. The special effects are top notch and this appears where a lot of the budget was spent. Overall we found we could watch this movie through but none of the sex scenes really got us in the mood to do it ourselves.
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