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Suburbia just got a helluva lot hotter in the scorching 2-DVD release, Swing Time! Gorgeous Kayden Kross and hunky hubby Bud make the move to an upscale community where everybody swings. Neighbors Trish and Steve throw the most outrageous parties, everything from hot tub threeways to full out orgies in their basement. Kayden would love to participate, but would swinging enhance their marriage? Find out in this elegantly produced feature that’s simply ideal for couples! 

Feature Runtime: 140 Minutes
DVD Extras: 124 Minutes

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on 10/2/2012 10:57:21 PM
Swinging with Kayden Kross
Swing Time is a typical five scene flick staring the beautiful Kayden Kross. Moving to a new community Kayden and her on screen husband encounter their neighbors and meet their new neighbors. Much to their surprise they discover they moved into a ‘Swinger Community’. Swing time is packed full of heterosexual sex, girl on girl on girl threesomes in a fantasy scene, oral sex and of course the swinging of swapping partners. I didn’t find anything over the top in Swing Time and actually thought it was mild in sexual content and depicting Swinging. The movie runs for 140 minutes. Some of the scenes were sort of long in my opinion while others scenes could have been longer and more explicit. Swing Time is rated medium intensity. I am rating it four hearts. The storyline and follow through could have been better but I love watching Kayden Kross movies. She is so beautiful. Ms Diva
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on 5/12/2010 12:00:00 AM
Good But Not Great
This movie was OK, definitely not the worst we have seen but not the best either. It has five basic scenes most of which are pretty good. There are a couple that in our opinion were lacking, or at lease they didn't do much for us. The plot line is decent and actually has some sort of "flow" to it. This is not one of those videos that just has sex scenes. We recommend this movie to those who are new to adult entertainment and want something a little on the light side, or to those who are into group sex.
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on 2/14/2010 7:27:52 PM
Good starter for the newer viewer
Though not one of the most original adult movies on the market, Swing Time does have its place. The premise of this adult film is that a couple unknowingly moves into a swinger’s neighborhood. Before they know it they are being hit on by the neighbors and (surprise, surprise) the reluctant couple gives in to the seduction and the swinging begins. Scenes vary between guy on girl, all girl, and a couple of different couples switching partners mid-sex. If you are new to adult movies, this one is good starter because there are a lot of different couples and acts involved, but if you have watched a lot of porn, you will find that this one really does not offer anything new.
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on 1/26/2010 8:22:55 PM
It's Time!
Swing Time by Adam & Eve was a surprise hit at our house! The story is surprisingly good for this type of movie, enough so that Mrs. Fantastico almost was interested in it more than the sex (almost!) The sex scenes were very good though, as this was a fine video to kind of introduce someone to group sex scenes and it would be a nice video to start someone new to porn altogether. The 2nd disc is full of extras, like behind the scenes looks and even a blooper reel, which when taking in the context that this is an adult movie makes for some pretty funny moments! Another feature to this DVD that is great is that it comes with a digital download. This allows for you to download it to your IPod or other portable device and take Swing Time with you wherever you go. This is a godsend for travelers who want to take in a little adult entertainment without going through alot of effort to find it and an idea that more companies should adopt! One thing that I must mention is how hot Kayden Kross is and the fact that she alone makes this DVD a must have. Swing Time is another hit for Adam & Eve productions and a definite recommend. 5 Hearts.
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on 1/25/2010 11:20:03 PM
Good Stuff
I actually found myself getting absorbed into this movie! Swing Time is a great movie that could almost pass as an actual movie. I found myself fast forwarding through the lengthy sex scenes to get back to the movie because I wanted to see what was going to happen next! I loved the second disc as it is chock full of extras and a digital download for your on the go movie player. I always love watching the behind the scenes and this one even has bloopers! I would say that this movie is on the upper tier of the movies that you might want to watch as a couple, only because of the swinging plot, she could easily take it the wrong way and that you are trying to ensue something, all I can say is that I wish I knew where a Swing Community is! ~The Joneses
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on 1/19/2010 6:47:55 PM
Orgy Lite
This is your basic five scene flick. I do not know if I would call any of the scenes "full out orgies" but orgy lite. I think this would make a great flick for couples or those new to porn. There is a really cool feature to this DVD which is the included digital download version. Which means you can watch it on your IPOD if you so choose. I really think that should come standard and I am so glad that this DVD has that. There is also a segment which includes Kayden's first time squirting which is really funny as she does not know what happened.
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