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The Search For Adam & Eve

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The Search For Adam & Eve Features

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Reality TV has never been so sexy!  Survivor meets American Idol as adorable Carmen Luvana searches the USA for the next big stars of adult video.  Men and women from all over the country competed for an exclusive contract with Adam and Eve Productions worth $250,000.  The tryouts are hot and hilarious, and it’s off to beautiful Jamaica for the sizzling playoffs. Which one of the handsome, well-hung twin brothers will make it to the final round?  Will a determined blonde become the next Jenna Jameson?  Or will “Eve” be a busty, Asian hottie who won’t give up?  You’ll have a swell time guessing the winners in this 5 hour, 2 disc release! First  Season : 230 minutes.  Extras: 21 minutes.

Customer Reviews - The Search For Adam & Eve

Not at all what we expected...   

The Playful Couple on January 26, 2009

As an adult movie fan, with a wife who's a huge reality TV fan, I figured this would be a good hybrid that we both could enjoy, and get aroused to. Man I was wrong. Let me start by talking about the first disc. Disc 1 essentially is the "American Idol" style panel of judges with auditions disc. You get to watch as men, women, and couples try to strut their stuff for the chance to appear as Adam and Eve contract stars. Each contestant steps in front of the judges, show why they are "the next Adam, or Eve", and receives almost no critique. For the most part, it is just footage of weird, awkward men stroking their flaccid penises in front of a group of strangers, talking about how good they are in bed. With some terrible stripteases, and some terrible lighting and camera angles, you really get a sense that the production crew had no idea what they were trying to do. There were a few moments where you might accidentally get turned on, but mostly, it was a waste of time to even watch the first disc. Disc 2 wasn't quite as bad. The top contestants were shipped out to Jamaica for an on-camera battle royale of sexual pleasures. Each was given the opportunity to have sex with a partner and show why they are hot. Well, hot isnʼt really the right word... More like able to have sex. Over half of the men in the competition were struggling to mash their soft penises into the women's vaginas.. There were some couples in the running, but they also had a tremendous problem keeping their arousal. By the time the show ended, we really didn't care who won the competition, or get excited by the sex scenes. Each sex scene was broken up by the audible commentary of the director calling out directions to the crew and the actors, and overall making the scenes impossible to watch and find exciting. Needless to say, if there is a season two of The Search for Adam and Eve, it definitely won't "make the cut" for our viewing. Sorry Adam and Eve, it just didnʼt do it for us.
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So you think you have talent???   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on October 29, 2008

This is a frenetic paced video with “average” people with high libidos! I laughed, I cringed, I definitely had my favorites. This video is a realistic, albeit a snapshot view of sex and the adult industry. I really enjoyed the second disc, which shows the drama, lust and practicalities in filming porn. Included is a peek into the adult video awards, personal appearances and numerous amateur home videos. The commentary throughout the video is hilarious, although it’s difficult to hear all the observations and jokes. With strangers holding cameras, bright hot lights - the pressure on male performers is quite real and although someone ‘thinks he’s macho’ he has to get it up, and ‘pop’ on command. The women have double duty, with men and other women and it’s interesting to find out who ultimately gets chosen and why. I learned about filming/performing hard core and soft core acts. For anyone considering auditioning and/or performing in a porn movie this video may be helpful, either way. I found the scripted scenes very sexy. This action packed video gives up just enough insights to bring you in, but doesn’t spoil the fantasy. Very enjoyable!
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American Idol meets porno tryouts   

The Joneses on October 16, 2008

The Search for Adam and Eve turned out better than I expected. The first DVD contained the try outs and auditions from several places throughout the country. They did an excellent job in breaking up the monotony of the auditions by adding a clip of Carmen Luvana in a couple of scenes. The second DVD contained the finals, held in Jamaica at the Hedonism resort. Again they did an excellent job in keeping it a competition for the grand prize. The only reason for giving it 4 hearts is because Carmen was supposed to do a scene with the winning couple, and she did not deliver. Maybe it’s in another movie but I expected to see it in this DVD. All in all I found the DVD entertaining and funny, I did not fast forward once, as I usually do with porn movies that have plots. ~The Joneses
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Wanna become a Porn Star??   

on October 12, 2008

This is one of those videos where once you start watching it, you need to finish watching it to the end. It was very entertaining to watch because its about people who try out to become a porn star. They had all types of people; couples, singles, black, white, asian, older, and all legal. It shows you the process of what you would go through if you would like to become a porn star. A guy would have to get an erection without penetration and keep it hard until ejaculation. And must ejaculate on command. If a guy couldn't get it up in the trail period then they were out. The next round was showing what they can do in front of a camera and in front of crew members. They kept eliminating until the last 2 people standing. Only 2 people could win, a guy and a girl. This is a good video to watch if you were to consider joining the porn industry. I wouldn't recommend this video as a turn on to get the couple at home sexually aroused. But it is an entertaining video.
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The next major adult film star? NOT!   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on September 7, 2008

The First Lady is a fan of “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” and we both enjoy adult films occasionally so we thought ‘The Search for Adam & Eve’ would be interesting. The First Lady, however, saw this video as a poor takeoff on mediocre reality shows that was riddled with constant interruptions to blatantly advertise Adam & Eve. When the first disc was over, we looked at each other with one of those, “what was that?” looks. We did find the whole process to be interesting and to be a revelation on the difficulties of being a “adult film” star, especially for men. We got involved with the contestants and certainly each had our favorite. We certainly enjoyed rooting for our favorites, we gained an appreciation for those willing to perform sexually in front of cameras and a panel of judges, and felt a sense of victory when our favorite won but we watch adult films to put us in the right mood for sex and this film did not do that for us. The contenders vying for the title ranged from hot to generally unattractive to odd to simply gross. Only one of the women had an arousing effect on me and the First Lady felt the same about the men. Often she felt compassion for the men, who nearly all had problems getting, or keeping an erection under the circumstances and seemed to ignore or be completely unaware of the hot “visual aid” being offered to them by the bright spot in the video, Carmen Luvana.
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