The World Of Sexual Variations 2
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Anything goes in 20 scenes of scandalous sex in The World of Sexual Variations 2! A stunning blonde and 2 outrageously hung African-Americans accomplish an amazing double penetration. A beefy hunk fellates a well endowed Latino, even bravely taking his buddy in the booty. While a handsome couple watches, an insatiable beauty reaches orgasm using a piston machine that must be seen to be believed. Variety is the name of the game in this 4+ hour sizzler!
Feature Runtime: 249 Minutes
DVD Extras: 50 Minutes

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on 4/12/2011 11:32:21 PM
Wide Variety
The World of Sexual Variations 2 is a compilation of all kinds of sex scenes offering a serious variation in sex acts. Hot sex for sure in this one but be prepared as The World of Sexual Variations 2 from Adam & Eve goes far in a many directions including gay and bi scenes. We did not read the description well enough so this was a bit of a surprise when we turned this on. We don’t care if The World of Sexual Variations 2 had sex scenes that were not for us, but would not have ordered this if we knew what was in it. Even if you skip the scenes you don’t want to watch there is still something for everyone to enjoy on this video. Friend us on Facebook!
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on 8/29/2010 12:00:00 AM
Varied and Eye popping sexual fun...
"The World of Sexual Variation 2" from Adam and Eve Pictures is a four hour compilation DVD. Twenty interesting scenes exploring interracial, homosexual, bisexual, masturbation, DP, anal, oral, strap-ons, stud piston machinery, eye popping BD, fire/ice fun. The lighting, camera angles and acting is excellent. Some of the overdubbing in several scenes are amusing or annoying, so I muted the sound and enjoyed the visuals. Every scene is not for every taste or comfort level, but within 20 scenes and 4 hours there should be a whole lot to enjoy watching and share ideas with a partner! Extras incl: bonus scenes, trailers, photo gallery. This is one of the most sexually varied compilation DVDs I've seen in a while and it's a non-stop noisy nasty sexual banquet…and offers an entirely new meaning to 'man on top'! Whatever you're hungry for it's ready to be savored…Enjoy.
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on 5/17/2010 12:00:00 AM
A Heaping Helping of Everything
Ok, this one is very hard to grade. When it comes to adult films, there is a clear divide between all of the mainstream genres. There's straight, gay/lesbian, femdom, "fetish", etc... Well, few production companies have tried to compile so many of the major categories into one film. The World of Sexual Variations 2 covers almost all of the bases. From straight 2 and 3-somes, to circle jerks, man on man, woman on woman, and somewhere in between, there's a lot to be found. Most of scenes are decently put together, though some scenes seem lacking in production quality. As with many compilation discs quality can be sacrificed, to add more content to the overall package. Unfortunately, some functionality is lost. All of the scenes are without chapter breaks. So, you can't move about them with the chapter skip button. Instead, you skip directly to the next scene. Aside from that, we thought that the movie provides more than enough material to satisfy anyone, if you can take the over-abundance of scenes you probably won't enjoy watching. That is, unless you have a completely open sexual palate. If people having sex with people (non-specific to gender or sex act)turns you on, The World Of Sexual Variations 2 will more than provide for you. We liked it, but most of the content is just not for us.
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