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Length: Feature: 103 minutes. Extras: 93 minutes.
Stormy Daniels This one’s clever, sexually inventive and ideal for couples! Lovable nerd Jerry makes a pact with voluptuous devil Luci for three wishes in exchange for his soul. Luci may grant Jerry a hot tub encounter with two bodacious babes, but there’s always a catch. While insatiable Luci is filled by her hunky manservants at both ends, Jerry’s adorable neighbor Stormy tries to help the guy out. She’s willing to battle with Luci, even if it’s a Sapphic dual for Jerry’s soul!

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Wicked Pictures

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Buzz Member Highlight   

Buzz Team Administrator on July 28, 2009

Like a lot of adult entertainment, this movie is replete with “B” acting. Now, if a great plot and Johnny Depp believable acting is what you seek in adult entertainment then this is not the best flick. It does; however, sport some sexy women and sizzling sex scenes. Two scenes that come to mind is a hot tryst that one gal has with the cable guy. Very hot! This scene includes anal but anal is not the center of it all……if that is your thing. As for me……I am into it and the scene was hot! The other scene that was a stand out for me was an m/m/f scene. Two beefcake guys pleasuring a pretty middle age gal. She was hot. The guys were handsome and muscular. The action was sweaty with plenty of physical and audible treats. I prefer a “plot” movie to have better quality acting than this one. I have seen vignette style DVDs with much better production. Because of the two aforementioned scenes I would give this dvd a decent rating. Without them I would give it far less.***Submitted by Dr. Feel and Nurse Naughty***BuzzTeam
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