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BetterSex Lifts The Taboos About Anal Sex

Anal pleasure used to be a forbidden subject, shrouded in misinformation and mystery. But the truth is that anal stimulation can produce explosive orgasms for both men and women and – when done correctly – results in a sexual adventure like no other and a new closeness and trust for couples. The Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure gives you a frank overview of this exotic and misunderstood sexual practice.

Let Dr. Jack Morin, the world's foremost authority on anal health and pleasure, take you on an exploration of this exciting subject as he explains the physiology of anal stimulation, dispels myths, and discusses the important role of proper preparation in discovering anal pleasure.

Watch as real loving couples explicitly demonstrate in detail the pleasure potential of anal encounters, both between lovers and in solo play. In just 60 minutes, you'll discover:

• How to relax your muscles for a pleasurable experience
• Various relaxation techniques before anal sex
• Exploring the anus during masturbation
• The use of male and female condoms
• Finding and stimulating the prostate for the male "full-body" orgasm
• The most effective types of sex toys and lubes for anal play
• Communication as the key to successful anal adventures
• The pleasures of anal stimulation: what it is and how to do it

Join us for accurate information about anal sex, as we investigate the myths and misconceptions surrounding this often taboo topic. With an open mind, enlightened couples can overcome negative stereotypes to discover this arousing new pleasure. Includes bonus short films and sexual health information.

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