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Couples Guide to Sex Over 40: Volume I - Spicing It Up

Item# 1108
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Couples Guide to Sex Over 40: Volume I - Spicing It Up Features

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Length: 60 minutes.

Since 40 is the new 30 making 50 the new 40 and this means we all need to learn ways we can continue to have great sex as we age.Sex in mid-life and beyond has gone largely unexplored - until now. Four real couples candidly discuss the ups and downs of sex in their 40's, 50's and 60's in this informative and erotic video guide hosted by Culley Carson, MD, certified sex therapist, and Diana Wiley, MA, licensed psychotherapist. Learn to keep sex alive and exciting by adding toys to your repertoire. Discover new positions for oral sex and intercourse, and how to accommodate back problems and other obstacles faced by couples over 40. There are tips for overcoming erection difficulties and oral sex techniques for stimulating the penis and the clitoris for prolonged pleasure. Communication and experimentation are the mainstay of any satisfying relationship, and you'll learn why these become all the more important in later years. Our couples share their sexual adventures so that you not only hear about, but see, great sex in action.

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Sinclair Institute


Sinclair Institute

Customer Reviews - Couples Guide to Sex Over 40: Volume I - Spicing It Up


on August 27, 2008

After being apprehensive about getting a "how to sex video" we were pleasently surprised how informative it was. Rather than being a soft porn film as we suspected it might be, it was instructional as well as tastefully exciting. Our only suggestion would be that as we watched the couples putting into practice what was taught by the therapists, the background music could have been eliminated. It would have been instructive to see what techniques the partners were using that resulted in what kind of response, up to and including orgasm. It would have been exciting as well as instructive to see the touching, arousal and foreplay have an effect, not only visual but hearing the effect.
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