Better Sex® Advanced Sex Techniques Collection

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Better Sex® Advanced Sex Techniques Collection

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Advanced Sex Techniques DVD

The Better Sex Video Series Advanced Sex Techniques three volume set can help you learn how to push through the boundaries of your sexual practices and reach new levels of pleasure. This 3 volume set can help you reach the sexual heights that you long for.

Sexual Positions for Lovers illustrates sexual positions for more satisfying sex, even with physical limitations.

Unlocking the Secrets of the G-Spot: The Ultimate O unlocks the mystery of male multiple orgasms and the G-Spot.

Watch 10 Secrets to Great Sex to restore sensuous spontaneity to your relationship.

Get Better Sex Advanced Techniques and explore the limits of your sexuality.

This Set Includes:

Vol. 4: Sexual Positions for Lovers - How do couples continue the excitement, year after year? Join four couples as they illustrate 32 lovemaking positions in explicit detail. See special variations on the "rear entry" position and positions using props, like furniture.

Vol. 5: Unlocking the Secrets of the G-Spot - Sexual satisfaction is redefined in this new video that teaches lovers how to push through the boundaries of their sexual practice to reach new levels of pleasure.

Vol. 6: 10 Secrets to Great Sex - Remember when lovemaking left you both bursting with pleasure and delight? 10 Ways to Have Fun with Sex can help you restore that sensuous spontaneity to your intimate relationship.

Length: Over 170 total minutes.

Customer Reviews - Better Sex® Advanced Sex Techniques Collection

Adult Continuing Education   

okielifer on September 4, 2008

A terrific addition to the Better Sex Video Series, the Advanced Sex Techniques Collection helps to inspire a deeper, sensual, more fulfilling sex between couples. The "Sexual Positions for Lovers" helped us to realize other ways to reach the "sensitive zones" for either maximizing pleasure, or lasting longer, making for better lovemaking. "Unlocking the Secrets of the G-Spot" helped us realize the importance of G-Spot stimulation, making sex more enjoyable for both people. Couples in a lasting relationship will enjoy "10 Secrets to Great Sex". The ideas and tips help make sex more romantic, as well as increase the potential for spontaneity.
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Worth watching   

couplefromTx on August 9, 2008

This DVD series covers a wide range of information from, techniques on sexual positions to professional expert guidance on how to apply attitudes toward these different approaches. If you're truly looking for some unexplored sexual positions, then you may be a bit disapointed in most of this series, but if your looking for a good DVD series that gets you to think about love-making as a couple by learning to take time for each other and understanding what turns each other on, then you will like this series. We did learn a few things in the process! Me: As an overall series of videos, we found them to be a bit redundant-covering many of the same positions on the accompanying DVDs. There are some advanced techniques discussed on the DVDs, but they require a good bit of balance and strength. By far, we both agreed that our favorite in the collection was the G-Spot DVD. We followed some of the G-spot techniques/positions and they worked better than we expected!! For the most part, the advanced positions covered on the DVDs were not that “advanced” for us. Her: My favorite parts of the DVDs were the G-Spot techniques and the information covering his anatomy. I learned a lot more about where and how to touch my husband and we were able to relax into the foreplay and REALLY enjoy ourselves. In fact, I applied some of the techniques the women in the videos used on their man and my husband was rock hard and at my mercy! Likewise, we watched “The Secrets of the G-Spot” and after I learned to relax and let go, I was able to orgasm twice (once on my knees and later on my back). Of the 3 DVDs that come with the series I liked the Secrets of the G-Spot and some of the sexual positions in the 10 secrets of great sex.
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lickitty lick   

Anonymous on August 1, 2008

great for oral sex and more...
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Not bad for beginners   

T-and-S on August 1, 2008

If you're new to exploring your sex life with your partner and want some tips on positions, advanced techniques, etc., this isn't a bad start. The biggest downside is the videos are a little dated. Vol. 4 on positions was a decent primer on some advanced techniques, but be warned, half of them are a bit on the strenuous side, and you'll need to be in shape to try them. Vol. 5 on the G-spot, again, a good primer for those who have never explored it. It seemed like some of the material wasn't really related to finding or stimulating the G-spot, but it does cover how to find it, and which positions help stimulate it during intercourse. Vol. 6 is full of great ideas for spicing up your love life that all couples should be aware of. Overall, not a bad series of videos, especially for beginners. We had a feeling of "been there, done that", throughout though. If you're already an experimental couple, there might not be too much new here to discover.
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Just Okay   

SexToyNewb on July 16, 2008

I have a couple of the videos from Sinclair, and out of all of them these three were my least favorite. The videos were a bit dated, which was a little tough to get past. And some of the information on the videos were the same. However, the information on the videos was helpful. There were a lot of good suggestions, including not focusing on orgasm but rather on being there in the moment with your partner, on each of the videos that may help you enjoy sex in a more meaningful and complete way. If you are pretty experienced in this area, you probably dont need these videos, but if you are new to the sexual arena or have a stale love life, I would suggest picking up this three pack, something on one of these three videos should help. I know there is at least one thing per video that I plan on incorporating into my love life with my g/f.
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A little dated but...   

Sin and Clair Cummings on July 15, 2008

We found all of the videos to be tastefully done and informative, but not as "advanced" as we'd hoped. "Sexual Positions for Lovers" left us asking "...but what else?" although it did a very thorough job of outlining variations of some favorites. "The Secrets of the G-Spot" was very informative and did a nice job of covering female ejaculation in a way that makes it seem much more 'normal' than freaky. It also prompted us to try a new position for manual stimulation of the g-spot with great success. We were surprised to find that the "10 Secrets to Great Sex" was our favorite of the 3. We expected it to be kind of redundant and but were very pleasantly surprised to find that it really encouraged us to slow down, to be in the moment and to appreciate each other more. The sex that followed was truly lovemaking. It was also the most arousing of the 3 videos, in our opinion. All in all, a solid, tastefully done collection with good ideas and welcome reminders.
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