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Better Sex for a Lifetime®

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Better Sex for a Lifetime® Features

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Sinclair Institute® Helps You Have Better Sex for a Lifetime


Better Sex for a Lifetime is an adult sex education video series that explores sexuality for mature, loving couples. Hosted by internationally recognized experts, Michael Perring, Ph.D, and Psychologist, Goedle Leikens, these two videos look at the many ways loving couples relate to each other sexually in mid-life and beyond. 12 real couples candidly discuss the pleasures and problems of sex in their relationship --- plus they show us how to keep sex alive and satisfying.
$49.90 Value -- SAVE $20 When You Purchase the Set!
New Age Adult Sex Education Video Length: Over 180 minutes.

This Set Includes:
Better Sex For a Lifetime Volume 1
This well-produced instructional video visually demonstrates and explains how everybody can enjoy better sex --- at any age. The most up-to-date sexual information is presented to you right in the privacy of your own home.


Better Sex For a Lifetime Volume 2
Simply watching the explicit demonstrations can unlock inhibitions and help you rediscover that special chemistry which brought you and your lover together in the first place.

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Studio:, Sinclair Institute


Sinclair Institute


Instructional, Couples

Movie Format:


Running Time:

180 minutes

Customer Reviews - Better Sex for a Lifetime®

Worth trying   

on September 4, 2012

These videos are good no matter how long you have been married. There is new information from PhDs as well as the couples who participate.
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This video collection is awsome!   

The Romantic Ones on August 27, 2009

I was at my Dr.’s office and opened a magazine and saw an ad for Better Sex for a Lifetime. We watched the original Better Sex Video collection years ago so I figured why not? I tore out the ad and ordered the Better Sex for a lifetime collection that evening. About a week later they arrived and the next time my wife and I were in a playful mood I surprised her with them and popped them in our DVD player. Sinclair did their homework on this collection . All the couples that demonstrated what was covered were real, average looking every day people. To us, that in itself was a home run. The narrator covered what made mature couples love lives stale and repetitive and covered just the right advice to jump start your mutual passion and love life. Ours hasn’t been the same since. But it’s not just about sex it also covers how communicating with your partner more brings you closer together. One example of advice was to share your secret masturbation life with your partner. This is something we both did in private for years/decades but it was never part of our lovemaking. I have learned more about how to get her off in one night than I have in years. We have come out of our shells and our lives will never be the same. This collection is a must have for any couple, young or old.
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Brought us closer   

NAL on October 16, 2008

My husband & I have been married 29 years. We are very close & in most ways open & communicative, except in sex. G, (my husband) has been in Afghanistan for 5 months now. About 3 months ago he sent me Better Sex for a Lifetime DVD set. After viewing them I cried. I had been so closed off from him for years. My point..the Better Sex videos talked & showed me sex at our age is good, great. It went into detail on positions, masturbation, communication, even ideas for people with back problems. I started a dialog with G via email & have become a new, happy whole woman, anxiously waiting for his return in Nov. We have purchased toys to try, but that will be another review. The BSFAL DVD's are a great tool for any person/couple with the mentality, "good girls don't do that" or "that's dirty". Thank you for saving us & bringing us closer than ever.
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Sex doesnt stop at social security   

sherbl on October 5, 2008

Better sex for a lifetime is a good instructional video set. There are two DVD’s and each is discussed in frank everyday terms, and the actors are everyday people, making it easy to identify with them. This is a class DVD, not a “wham-bam” deal, and creates a relaxed atmosphere for people of all ages. We came upon this set in AARP, and highly recommend this to anyone seeking to spice up, or re-kindle a relationship. Sex doesn’t stop at social security; it just needs a nudge now and then.
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Renew your relationship-With Better Sex!   

Clearance &amp; Candy on September 4, 2008

From Clearance: We enjoyed the Better Sex for a Lifetime video as we have all the Better Sex Series. Many scenes we had seen b-4 in other B.S. videos but were still enjoyable to see again. The entire better sex series has been very informative and helped Candy and I learn to talk and experiment more openly sexually. The Better Sex series lives up to its name and has helped us to develop a stronger healthier relationship in and out of bed. Candy: Yes we own several Better Sex Series and Better Sex for a Life Time is again one of our top rated. The Better Sex Series are a great starting point for improving communication with your partner. I really enjoyed Better Sex for a lifetime, it’s informative and sexual, but I don’t feel like I’m watching porn. After watching several in the Better Sex Series were able to verbally direct the other to our personal needs, we’ve both enjoyed trying new sexual adventures and the sex is better than ever. We’ve gone from the wham bam to 3-4 hour sessions of bliss. We concurred ED and are experienced the best orgasms of our lives. Life is so short, don’t waste another moment get your ticket to Better Sex Today with Better Sex for a Lifetime. A little education is always a good thing.
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A Must See for all couples   

ladyflatfoot49 on August 7, 2008

Highly recommend. A must for anyone that has a shy partner, teaches how to communicate your wants and needs. "Real" people with real bodies, very refreshing from what is normally seen on videos. A great way to learn to talk and share. I'm also a baby boomer and this fits my lifestyle just right. This video even brought hubby around to trying some of the new things he saw. Love these videos! Would make a great gift to give every couple getting married.
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fun at any age   

on August 3, 2008

As a forty something male I always worry that things may get stale in the sack. But we have to remember that we are not dead, just getting older. We have to find new ways to keep things alive and exciting. These videos help you to find new ways to keep things fresh. With professional advice and videos to show you new or different ways to keep things moving. You can use your own imagination to come up with new things. If you're just not sure about the future, you have to get these vidoes.
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Worth Watching   

Anonymous on July 28, 2008

We have enjoyed a number of the Sinclair Institute dvds, and this set was consistent with the quality of those we have viewed before. Though we are on the younger end of the spectrum for which this dvd is marketed, it gave us insights into what we have to look forward to. The focus on this dvd set goes beyond sexual techniques, and addresses deeper relationship factors and health issues. The "real" couples are always appreciated, and the "real" sex is always a turn on. Like the other Sinclair Institute dvds we've enjoyed, we had to watch this one in phases, as the turn on factor is high! Mr. & Ms. Canuck (Buzz Team members)
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Sinclair Institute does it again! 5 HEARTS   

Ms Diva on July 24, 2008

I highly recommend this video series to all couples regardless of age. Sinclair Institute does it again with quality, well produced sex education series. I know that its target audience is older couples but younger couples can and would benefit from these videos also. I found the two volumes both erotic and educational. I did not see or hear anything that was new to me (I am a boomer) just things that had escaped our thought for awhile. I liked the bonus features: Wicked Indulgence and Erotic Toys! I did spy a couple of new toys that I want to try that are not in my toy box of pleasures. Ms Diva~
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Some things never change,,   

Ricky and Lucy on July 22, 2008

One thing Lucy and I have been able to count on, videos produced by Sinclair Institue will never collect dust in our house. And this set of videos is no different. For the first time we have been able to view well produced, high quality videos, which feature real, MATURE couples. These demonstrations show almost every sexual practice and are done using real life couples. No fake orgasms, loud screaming, "perfect" bodies, but rather couples who enjoy having sex with the one they love. While we did not really see anything new, we were reminded of a few things we haven't tried in awhile. For those couples who maybe have not tried viewing an adult video together, this may just be the one. Highly erotic, huge turnon, in a non-threating manner. Being part of the "chronologically gifted" age group we enjoyed the age group of couples. Maybe we will have to give Sex Over Forty a view!! Lucy gave it a four, I gave it a five.
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