Better Sex Spice It Up Series™

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Better Sex Spice It Up Series™

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The Better Sex Spice It Up Series™ includes the Better Sex Video Series®: Sexplorations, Great Sex for a Lifetime™ Series and Sexual Imagination: 8 Ways to Spice It Up™! Discover great sex and how you can use an adult sex toys and unique tips and techniques to enhance your relationship with this set of adult sex education movies. The Better Sex Video Series'® real couples and sexuality experts take you on an erotic, 7-volume journey to a better sexlife. Learn how to implement open communication between partners, overcome inhibitions and misconceptions about sex. Watch explicit demonstrations of techniques to heighten sexual pleasure and increase intimacy in this all-inclusive guide to better sex! Total Kit Value is $145!

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Sinclair Institute


Sinclair Institute

Customer Reviews - Better Sex Spice It Up Series™

So you think you know everything?   

Puss N Boots on August 10, 2009

Then think again because this series will knock your socks off! You’ll learn things that you never even knew you didn’t know! It really helped my partner and I to just open up and talk about anything and everything so that we could learn more about each other. The best part of all is that real couples are used to entertain and educate you! So, not only are the couples having a great time but they aren’t there to arouse you. They’re there to teach you how to arouse your lover to increase both of your sexual satisfaction! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together since highschool or have only been together a year. It’s all about the connection and how to connect with each other sexually. It’s just a really fantastic, enlightening series that has been produced very well to the benefit of everyone! There’s also nothing raunchy about this series at all so it may just be a way to, not only learn more about your partner, but to also introduce adult entertainment into your relationship. You may even find the paths of communication opened up to all kinds of new adventures after watching it! Ever thought about trying anal sex? How about some light bondage? It’s all covered in this series! We really feel that it’s a must have for all committed couples wishing to enrich their sexual satisfaction and highly recommend it! Definitely worthy of five hearts and a big standing O of applause!
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