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Better Sex Video Series® for Black Couples Vol. 1 & 2 Set

Item #1835
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Our Price: $29.90

Better Sex Video Series® for Black Couples Vol. 1 & 2 Set

Ebony Adult Sex Education Video Length: 110 minutes total
First ever adult sex education video series created by black experts especially for black couples. "Every one of us deals with certain myths and expectations when it comes to sexuality. That's why Sinclair created The Better Sex Video Series for Black Couples.

"If you're in an intimate relationship, you owe it to yourself and your partner to watch these videos." -Dr. Mark Schoen, Director of Sex Education

This Set Includes:

Vol. 1: Sexual Techniques for Lovers
What do you really want out of sex? And does your partner know? This video will have you talking about it and experiencing sex like never before.

Vol. 2: Advanced Love Skills
Learn valuable secrets to enhance your fantasy life and unlock the door to a world of never-ending pleasure in this video. Also discover how toys bring fun and variety to your lovemaking, reveal the joys of gaining – and losing – control within the bounds of a loving, trusting sexual relationship, and expand and deepen your sexual satisfaction